Blistered Reviews: Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Shaun checks out the latest Persona spin-off & determines if you should boogie on down, down, down, down with it.

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  1. And thus the Persona 4 milking FINALLY comes to an end. Geez Atlus, you make the FF7 compilations look like a saint by comparison. Hell, I find it hilarious that people were getting pissy over FF13-2 and LR when Persona 4 was making an anime to the remake to the game that has an anime.

    Such a waste of game that could have been used to make something else.

    • Heya, and welcome to your tiny introduction to: Reality! Where we explain to you that:

      *) Atlus, due to not marketing enough, almost went under after the release of Person 4 (a game they had already cut corners on left and right due to almost being broke at the time), which resulted in the company ceasing to exist as a company after being bought out by Index.

      *) After Index bought out Atlus and reduced them to a brand, Index started doing something Atlus had never been good at before: Actually MARKETING their stuff. This resulted in the Persona 4 Anime, faster localization of Atlus titles and various other tie-in materials. And , wonder, wonder, suddenly Atlus was actually *making money* something they had not been doing when they still actually existed as a company.

      *) Flash forward a few years: Index goes under due to a corruption case. Atlus is bought out by Sega, who make Atlus back into their own stock-owned company again – except with the gigantic disadvantage of A) being 100% stock-owned by Sega and B) only getting 10 Million Yen of starting captital to work it. 10 Million Yen is not a lot of money for a video game company. Not at all.

      *) Enter the ambitious project called “Persona Year”. What is Persona Year? A high-marketing project during the year of 2014, mostly aimed towards simultanously keeping the company’s most marketable brand (Persona) in the popular conscious AND making money that can be used as budget for the development of Persona 5. If Atlus doesn’t want to get into trouble with Sega, they have no other choice; Sega financially controls them and if they go too far over-budget with their production of Persona 5, the consequences might be worse than those back after the release of Persona 4. Like, I dunno, Sega shutting down Atlus because they fail to make quick profit and continuing to produce all their brands themselves? Now, my friend, look at Sonic. Look at him. That poor, blue Hedgehog. Is THAT the fate you wish on Persona and the SMT series?

      *) That is why they made so many spin-offs. Spin-Offs are shorter and cost less to develop, yet they are sold to the normal retail price of any other game. This way, Atlus can get in as much profit as needed in time before the release of Persona 5, in order to have a buffer before the game is released.

      Now, for my sources:
      I spent the year of 2014 in Japan, seeing the “Persona Year” first hand, I read all of Director Hashino’s blog posts, I read up on how exactly stock-owned businesses work, I read up on Sega’s business practices and I checked out Atlus’ company website to see how much money and financial self-control they actually have.

      You’re welcome.

    • The difference between Persona 4 and FF7 additions is that P4 actually did quite a good job on most of their games because they got other developers who knew what they were doing to create the games for them. Square-Enix attempted to make most of their games themselves and the results were not that great, especially when they were trying to make the most out of their new game engine by making as many games as possible. Their movies also leave much more to be desired. Out of the mess that were the FF13 projects, I felt 13-2 was actually the best with a story that made more sense and had decent gameplay. I didn’t like the monster capture stuff though.

      On the other hand Atlus and P4 did the smart thing as a publisher and found good developers to make the spin offs. Want to make a fighting game? Get Arc System Works, the creators of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue to do it for you. Want to make a dancing game? Get Dingo Inc, the people who worked on Hatsune Miku and Love Live to do it for you. As a publishing company, they had the rights to a fairly popular franchise and they milked for all it was worth without exploiting it to death like some other series do.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I don’t usually watch these videos(but I want to) but I mainly watched this one cause my friend and favorite female on channel awesome is a big fan of this series and was a bit skeptical on if the game would be good or not(thankfully I think she’ll like it). Thanks for the review and I can’t dance but you’ll mainly find me at a school dance cause I like to see pretty girls there(like the usual teenage boy does,OBVIOUSLY)!!!!

  3. There’s some minor errors in the review (The Persona series is 15 years old, not 10, and P4D’s story is set in fall, *after* P4G’s epilogue; Yu even briefly mentions that Kanji had to bleach his hair back to blonde again for the show.) But all in all, it’s a good review.

    I think the premise isn’t as hard to swallow if you actually the type to read into the Jungian backgrounds of the series, since the “dance expression”-use of the Persona is actually much, MUCH closer to how a Persona is *supposed* to work in Jung’s writing than to how Persona Users usually use them in the franchise. Heck, I’d have loved this story and it’s emotional and symbolic value even if it didn’t have the Persona name attached. Just a story about self-expression and letting your feeling reach people who don’t want to look past the superficial.

    I also, just a nitpick, but think you’re a bit too harsh on the plot being “repetetive, because, well, I thought this was sort of supposed to be a call-back to Persona 4, which had quite a similar structure. They did put in enough new stuff with every rescue to keep it interesting and exciting and I really and genuinely never felt bored by the game, the pacing was just perfect to me. Plus, I absolutely frickin’ love Kanami. So much.

    That’s all just my opinion though.

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