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The makers of Pokemon give us… the best Sonic the Hedgehog game in years?

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  1. Heart-Lightning

    To be fair, there is Sonic Generations. As someone who hates Sonic and it’s fandom, Sonic Generations could work too and that came out in 2011. That was less than 4 years ago (since it came out in November).

  2. Now come now, any Sonic Fan will tell you the best Sonic Game in years is Freedom Planet. Easily.

    (Sonic himself last good game was Sonic Racing Transformed though at present, c’mon Sumo, hurry up and make a third one)

    As for this game, I get the feeling more of Donkey Kong Country than I do Sonic, but to each there own, I heard there was a problem with one of the full releases just being the demo though? Any further details on that?

    • Yeh. I also want mention Freedom Planet, but you were first. Anyway FP is still quite obscure so I understand that he could miss it. If so he definitely need check it!

  3. Shaun, I’m going to have to contest your judgement of the Sonic Boom cartoon, especially how you compared it to Teen Titans Go. Sonic Boom not only has an older fan base, but Cartoon Network has actively tried to bury it with an inaccessible time slot and rarely giving reruns (a 2 week run of new episodes weekdays at noon going on right now being a rare exception) while Teen Titans Go has been forced down everyone’s throats by becoming the network’s Spongebob. The TTG show is on almost constantly, bookending TV blocks and airing AT LEAST 4 and 1/2 hours EVERY DAY, despite universal hatred from almost everyone, including some kids. The fact is Teen Titans Go’s success is due to saturation causing it to be almost impossible for it to get bad ratings (especially among kids who don’t know better) and the fact that the episodes are cheap and easy to make while pushing cheaply made merch to those kids. Sonic Boom’s success is due to fans having to actively seek it out and genuinely enjoying it since it isn’t on anywhere near as much.

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