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The Paranormal Privet-eye gets the Pros n’ Cons treatment

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  1. I’m sorry but if your main actor does not act, sound, or even LOOK LIKE THE MAIN CHARACTER then it’s pretty obvious the this film will be a piece of shit. The dude from the NBC TV version was way better and yet they gave him the shaft? GAWD DAMMIT!

    • So…you must hate “Arrow” then

      • Arrow is bad all on its own.

        I mean, the main character really doesn’t resemble his comic book counterpart, but that wouldn’t have been as much of a problem if he had been interesting in some way.

    • Yeah,if it were a book adaptation mainstream critics would dismiss it for that,but because it’s a comic,you get even fans being apologists.

      It’s such a predisposition to discrimination,comics and video games are newer so of course they deserve less respect. By that logic if you adapt a campfire story from 1776,it not only should be completely accurate,but critics will love it.

    • RDJ didn’t look or act like Iron Man, yet he defined Iron Man to such a degree that the character now has taken on RDJ’s characteristics. At face value, the Iron Man of the MCU is subject to this same criticism, as are many other adaptations. I think the fact that they changed the backstory along with changing these other aspects of the main character is what causes the problem for many die-hard fans, because there’s not enough connection left in to support the adaptation. But just because you change fundamental aspects of the character doesn’t necessarily ruin everything.

      • so you’re proving my point twice over,being an apologist for a superhero movie not being adapted as though it was a novel or something,and you have an “I don’t give a shit” attitude about the character,calling people who are aware of the character beforehand die-hard fans.

    • A poor adaptation does not necessarily equal a poor film.

    • The Almighty Foust

      Jack Nicholson in “The Shinning” does not does not act, sound, or even LOOK LIKE THE MAIN CHARACTER of the novel: I guess it’s a piece of shit too, right?

      • I didn’t say adaptations need to be exact,I said there is a real respect problem towards the newer mediums,which is true,it’s a almost it’s own subplot in Birdman.

        What a perfect example to prove my point- that’s the only criticism MAINSTREAM CRITICS give that movie because they respect books,they would never do that to a comic movie

        • The Almighty Foust

          I was replying to Magnetrex, who said, ” I’m sorry but if your main actor does not act, sound, or even LOOK LIKE THE MAIN CHARACTER then it’s pretty obvious the this film will be a piece of shit.” Which is why I pointed out “The Shinning”. (Which, for the record, is a good movie) As for comics not getting respect, that’s a valid argument to have, but the point I was making is that just because something isn’t a faithful adaptation of a work (novel, or comic) doesn’t mean it’s bad. (Universal Monster movie, anyone?) it’s just a poor adaptation.

    • Just like The Shining.

    • Debashish Mahapatra

      well… not always true… If it was then even in comics we wouldnt have alternate versions of any character. Example Samuel L Jackson would have never played Nick Fury.

      That said, Constantine wasn’t bad because of Black Hair, it was bad because when they made the movie all they cared about was what was cool according to the.

  2. Good review Erod! I agree with all your points. I feel that for the most part, it’s a pretty good film. But it shares the same problem as 1999’s a.k.a. the american version of “Godzilla” now known as Zilla, if it wasn’t for the title character being messed up, it probably wouldn’t get quite as much slack or hate as it did.

    • It has FAR more problems than the fact that it’s named after Godzilla. Like the incredibly fake looking CGI, the horrible acting, Matthew Broderick, the fact that the military keeps losing Godzilla, etc.

  3. Shia was in the film because of Will Smith. Will told the director of Constatine that he had a good time with Shia on IROBOT and that he should be in the film and then VIOLA!

  4. JohnnyHardcastle

    When I found out about the casting back in the day I went into Constantine as a Keanu Reeves film, not a Hellblazer adaptation…and I was pleasantly surprised. This is with out doubt one of Reeves’ best films.
    I agree Matt Ryan is John Constantine, the only thing that bugs me, and I know I’m nit picking here, is his pronunciation of the name. In Swamp Thing Alan Moore established that John pronounces his name Con-stan-tyne not teen (the American way).

  5. EmoTheWonderGirl

    But how do you really feel about the show, ERod?

  6. I like this movie, and I’m still considering it a good introduction to the comic-book series. Like you said, it really got the tone of the source material right.
    More so than DC did, actually… the Vertigo era is the best by FAR.
    The TV series is really good to, but the atmosphere, the overall feeling is way less intense and gritty (plus it is, again, located in the United States (!)). So there’s good and bad in both of the adaptations.

  7. As a movie, Constantine was pretty good. I could have done without the religious elements, but over all it was a fine move.

    As an adaptation of one of the best written comic book series of all time, it was terrible. For some reason they felt a need to change everything about the character except his name, costume, and the fact that he’s a magic user.

  8. This is one of my favorite movie of all time and the only problem is one side character that hardly appears. You kept saying but it’s not like the comic, that is why it’s called an adaptation.
    I’ll have to mention I haven’t read the comics. But I couldn’t get into the series because it was so different from this movie.
    I guess it’s a case of which version you saw first.

  9. I got my own headcanon to make Keanstantine fit. In my headcanon His true name Is John Zatara Constantine and he’s the son of good old blonde bastard John and Zatanna Zatara. I like to pretend he sobered up after Constantine, got himself a top hat and a decend suit and called himself John Zatara the second and became a minor player in Kingdom Come. There, problem solved. ^^

  10. I love this movie (even with Le Bouf in it) and I consider it in the list of my favorites. Great atmosphere, solid acting for the most part (again Le Bouf as the typical Hollywood sidekick is annoying at best), good action scenes, great plot, nice pacing.

    Ok, they didn’t remain faithful to the heroes characters… so what? If the end product is still a great movie why dismiss it in it’s entirety?

  11. idk if it’s because of my browser or daily motion or this site itself,but this video is set up on the screen and it’s way too thin
    i mean,youtube ones are generally not great,the usually have black borders because they can stand to be top/down wider,but this is really bad,and it might be daily motion,i’m not sure,but if these videos keep coming up on this site through daily motion,i’d like to see them displayed on the site better

  12. Matt Ryan shall always be Live Action Constantine. But Keanu is not that bad an action hero.

  13. Your player is slooooooow.

  14. here’s hoping Constantine’s possible appearance on Arrow happens, and in turn revitalizes interest in the show and possibly get’s it revived.

    …………..which is a long and major crapshoot, but hey, i can dream right?

  15. So wait, you liked this despite them fucking up such important characters (and they even screwed up Lucifer) but you hated hotel Transylvania for not making Dracula a blood sucking monster? And Hercules for not making her a god? Because who needs logic.

  16. You can hate me for saying this but I think Shia Labeouf has a performance in him . Somewhere deep in there waiting to be uncovered .

  17. I actually like this movie, even when I first watched it. It wasn’t great, but I thought it did its job and set up the director for his future movies down the road.

  18. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I don’t know alot of people that have reviewed this movie on the internet but you liking it is ok. I’m glad i didn’t watch the new show since it got cancelled. Next is the land of the lost which i knew you would bust sometime soon but next time can you bust chappie(the neil blomkamp movie that was released this year i really hated it and it was a big box office bomb so what you think can you?)

    • Wait what? TV show was awesome! And it is one of those shows what was canceled because it was awesome when publisher demand pleasing horny teenagers.

      Anyway. I low old Constantine movie. It was made in times when most comic book movies suck and it didn’t for the most part. But simple fact is that TV show is superior in any way, with exception of less action what isn’t flaw in any way.

  19. Okay, attempted suicide is NOT a hell worthy sin. AND, you don’t CON your way into heaven. That is a stupid plot. I have to disagree with you there on that being a good plot.

    Why couldn’t the guy have actually done something really wrong and been sorry for it, but unable to forgive himself and doesn’t think he deserves it anyway. I know this isn’t a Bible school movie (because, wow, the stupid interpretations of Christianity), but they could have chosen something other than attempted suicide.

    • TooMuchFreeTime

      Right. Suicide is only considered an ‘unforgivable sin’ because if you are dead, you can’t ask for forgiveness. But if it is only an attempt then then he can easily be forgiven. That part about the plot always bothered me.

  20. I watched the movie before I even knew, that it was based on a Comic.
    And I loved it. I still do 🙂
    Because, as it became clear within your review, all the complaints against this movie, come from fans of the Comic and parts, that weren’t truthful to the source material.
    When the new DCU started I checked out a few of the comics. And I was happy to meet Constantine again. But I personally actually missed the stuff from the movie.
    I loved the portrayal of Gabriel. I loved the portrayal of the Devil. I loved the Ending. I would love to see a sequel to the movie – though I’m afraid that this won’t happen. So, from a non Comic-Book-Fan – the movie is awesome!
    (Plus, I always liked Keanu Reeves as an actor, ever since I recognized him in Matrix for the first time.)

  21. Your attempts at a ‘cool’ voice when introducing videos and saying things like ‘pros, cons’ REALLY needs work.

    If that voice is an ohmage to a known person that I don’t know of then so be it. If it’s your own creation then it really doesn’t work. It doesn’t sound cool and can be laughable at times.

    I’ve followed your content on this site for years and it’s always irked me. I only mention it now because the words ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ came up a lot in short order in this video. It was particularly grating.

    Just thought I’d get that off my chest. Great video otherwise. I love their interpretation of hell.

  22. The Cartoon Physicist

    Great video, but I think you focused a bit too much on the TV show than the comics. Though I’ll probably go more into that when I finally do a review of that movie. Now with that out of the way…
    It’s John Constan-TINE, not John Constan-TEEN! They even made that correction in the comics! Why is America pushing that pronunciation?!

  23. I like LaBeouf, I think that he’s a very talented actor when he’s given the right material to work with, and on top of it he always puts forth his full effort no matter what. Holes was an excellent movie, he was unneeded in IRobot but he did a fine job for what they did, even had a small hidden story arch is you look for it, and his role in Eagle Eye was fantastic on both sides of the “twins” line. He made a fine military man, and a great slacker/loser. Shai is great, people just need to stop putting him in movies where his talent is wasted and overshadowed by other people… and CGI.

  24. Basically, if you change the name of the characters you hve a good movie that nobody will complain.
    If you never saw the comics probably will like.

  25. The main problem of the Movie was the story and Reeves acting.

    I do not know why you are so forgiving but the story is superficial, it has huge pacing issues even though the concept is great, which is a shame. And reeves to did not act well. He was not emotionally distant. He was borring! They a big difference in this. I never read the comics when i saw the movie and still think reeves was boring. Le Labeouf’s presence was not enough to kill this movie. The story and the main character were

  26. I love this movie. To this day it’s still the definitive version of Constantine. NBC’s version could’ve been great but they made it family friendly for some reason keeping it from being the definitive version. Oh and it was on NBC, which they should’ve known meant “cancellation”.

    It has the coolest depiction of Hell in any movie, the acting, writing and directing is great across the board, the action is good and Keanu Reeves SURPRISINGLY makes for a great Constantine. It’s not really the John from the comics, he’s more of a pulpy action hero, but he’s still a smooth motherfucker.

  27. Yeah, I still really can’t forgive this movie.

    In the Robocop remake E-Rod only justification for almost 100% of his criticisms were “They didn’t do it EXACTLY like in the original, therefore it sucks.” Here he goes “They did it COMPLETELY different from the original, but they did it in their own way, therefore it rocks!”

    Constantine having an arsenal of supernatural weapons is great. Constantine having a LITERAL arsenal of supernatural weapons is… just so American, now that I think about it. Constantine is the guy who cons both heaven and hell to stay ahead of their petty games and accumulates every artifact of power to do so, but his artifacts are things from all kinds of mythology that he uses to give him an upper hand, not Cross-shaped shotguns that kill demons dead.

    And even the series is not without its problems. I especially hate the James Bond esque thing of showing off the supernatural gimmick of the episode that’ll always have an use for later in the episode. And worst of all, this is Constantine, they could have easily explained that away as Constantine scrying for which relics he’ll need for a case and bringing them along instead of just taking random shit every time and somehow it magically being exactly what he needed.

  28. I didn’t check this film out originally because I suffered from Scrupulosity and was afraid to go anywhere near anything that had to do with hell or the devil.
    When I finally got rid (or at least knew how to battle) those intrusive thoughts I still didn’t check it out because… Well, it didn’t sound like Constantine. He’s suppose to be a blond, brittish con-man. Not a dark haired, american action hero.

    But, I might give it a try now, and think of it more as “inspired by” Constantine than a straight adaptation. Thanks Erod.

    Please keep doing these Pro’s & Cons. They’re my favourite “series” of yours, right behind Honest Reviews. Because the internet is already filled to the brim with negative reviews and tearing apart bad movies and games it’s nice to have some more balanced and positive reviews from time to time. For the sake of balance.

    Keep up the good work.

  29. TooMuchFreeTime

    “Close your eyes.” “Why?” “Suit yourself.”
    Hey John, how about ‘because your going to want to’ or ‘because it’s gonna get real bright’?

    I thought the priest’s death via drowning in booze was a very effective scene.

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