Blockbuster Buster: Punisher Pros n’ Cons

Before Punisher officially joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year ERod gives the 2004 reboot the Pros n’ Cons treatment.

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  1. I really liked this Punisher but I liked War Zone a little bit more, exactly because it was so ultraviolent and surreal. I haven’t read a single Punisher – Comic book so faithfulness to the character is not important to me.

    As you said yourself the Thomas Jane Punisher had a bit of a problem to stand out between other action films but War Zone kinda found it’s own unique style almost akin to an action-splatter genre which I think could be a legitimate fun thing to have 🙂

    I also think with Ray Stevenson they found an equally talented, and badass actor for the role.

    Greetings and thanks for the Videos.

  2. I don’t know, I like War Zone. The movie was really violent, the way I liked it. For me, I’d say the 2004 was pretty tame, but if you believe it’s not, then more power to you E-Rod.

  3. I thought this movie was pretty good and Thomas Jane was great in the role. The failure to make a Thomas Jane Punisher sequel would be on my Top 5 “sequels I’m sad were never made”. My only real problem with this movie is I felt parts of Act 2 were really dully; specifically the entire subplot with the fat guy, the pierced guy, and whatshername.

    I have no intention of ever watching Punisher: War Zone because I detest the action-splatter genre.

  4. I understand that you care deeply about the characters and productions values. But a movie is more than that. This movie was just slow and plodding. way to long and boring. Action scenes can be boring sorry to say. So on paper you are right about everything you say but when the movie was up there on the screen it was just a snore. The sole exeption was the fight with the Russian.
    You are right though that this is the best Punisher movie so far. But I am hopeful that the Punisher in the TV series can have his story paced a lot better.

  5. I didn’t hear about the Punisher news until this video. In fact, all that I know about any Punisher media is from other people. I haven’t seen any of the movies so this video was really interesting.

  6. I agree as of now Thomas Jane is the definitive Punisher. I don’t mind that Microchip wasn’t in the film and by the time I start reading Punisher they’d become enemies. My only real complaint about the film is the end of the Punisher’s fight with the Russian (which was awesome) was change from the comic. That was one of the funniest kills EVER.

  7. Blocked in Germany. Videoblock-Buster Buster. Hopefully not because he presents us his awful taste in music again.

    • Also: No it wasn’t violent enough. It sucks compared to Warzone. The fight scene against the russian and the popsicle torture scene where just STUPID.
      Especially, why does he fake-torture someone while brutally murdering everyone else after that scene? The villian is idiotic. The tone is slow paced and boring. The actor looks too nice-guy (with half his face not being a burned skull anyway). Bleh.

  8. I agree that Thomas Jane is best live action Punisher so far and this one is best movie about him so far but that’s not difficult considering that only other comparisons are Dolph Lungren one and War Zone before we see version in Daredevil series.

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  10. This is going to sound like an odd request, but I’d like you to do DreamWorks Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie as a pros and cons. Some of my favorite reviews of yours have been Hollywood adaptations of classic cartoons, and I always wanted to hear what you thought of that one. I won’t mind if you decide to bust the movie instead, but I personally think it is more suited to the pros and cons treatment, as it gets a lot right while still making decisions that are sure to leave fans scratching their heads.

  11. Okay, I am really hoping next week’s list doesn’t include anyone almost playing Superman. ERod + Any excuse to bring up you-know-who = My least favorite version of ERod, Arrogant PrickRod.

  12. Also, am I the only one who thinks Ben Foster would be awesome as Wolverine in the MCU?

  13. Not a big Punisher fan, but one place the comic got it right is how Frank’s family died. It wasn’t some revenge plot. It was random. They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s why killing any particular criminal will never satisfy him. You use the comparison to Mad Max. Max pretty much just drove away after getting his revenge. He wasn’t going to keep going after bad guys. He just ran into other situations where he had to get involved. Punisher chooses to keep going after criminals because of how crime can strike at any given time and affect people who are bystanders.

    That’s why I don’t really like the Frank as former cop the movies keep trying to push. That’s not who he his. He was a soldier who was ready to put that life behind him and live a peaceful life with his wife and kids. Something completely outside his control took that away and he’s trying to take control by waging his war.

  14. I really liked this particular movie, but I just couldn’t get into the second. I’m looking forward to him in Daredevil, too. I never really cared for the Punisher as a character; he’s a wish fulfillment character. There wasn’t really much of a character to him for me, but that might have just been the era I was reading him in. There was nothing I read to make me want to continue, so I was really surprised I liked the movie so much.

  15. Como siempre, un material tremendo. Saludos desde Chile, Rod! somos pocos los que te vemos acá, pero nos gusta mucho, dale choroooo!!!

  16. sigh…did you use any specific music in the vid? It is blocked in Germany because it contains UMG music.

  17. Tom Jane is still the best Punisher. He just wants his kids back!

  18. Tampa Bay has an underground? It certainly isn’t doing the Bucs any favors.

  19. Just out of curiosity, ERod, why do you hate Namor? Not that I mind, there are plenty of reasons to dislike the guys- I am just curious.

  20. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    It’s frickin cool that there having a new punisher and it’s pretty cool that Jon Berthal is playing the new punisher. But I think that the punishments are enough(45 I think that’s enough). Cool episode and your probably gonna put nic cage at number one for the top 10 actors who were almost superheroes.

  21. I agree with most of your points, I really enjoyed this version of The Punisher as well

    However, a little constructive criticism; While none of your reviews are particularly impartial, your pros and cons videos are usually more evenly balanced. This really just came off as a Fan-Boy arguing his POV.
    A little disappointing honestly.

  22. I will admit that Thomas Janes The Punisher is by far among my favorite and top Marvel movies. Even with its limited budget and time, I still like it over any Spiderman movies, Fantastic Four, and even more so than several movies of the Avengers characters.

  23. Now that Erod has reviewed it, this Punisher seems like a movie-fied tv-series Punisher. The movie was already long and I’ve seen some of the deleted scenes. A little re-editing could have produced a kickass made-for-tv movie or a miniseries and that would likely have been better received.

    Aside from that and everything Erod mentioned I think the movie only had two main problems:
    1. No sequel
    2. No Stan Lee cameo

    I can overlook the lack of a cameo because Stan might have thought the movie was too violent but this movie was good enough to earn a sequel and it really deserved at least one with Thomas Jane reprising the titular role.

  24. I always appreciate when a channel awesome reviewer takes a positive tact when approaching a movie. It is this sort of perspective that helps the more vitriolic reviews hit deeper and with more sincerity.

    And I am a fan of this movie and find it very re-watchable.

  25. Sadly Video isn’t available in Germany, because of musicrights.

  26. If I remember right, part of why they cast Travolta in this was because of the reveal that a sequel to Get Shorty was in production and the director or producer (don’t remember which) was a huge fan of his character Chili Palmer in Get Shorty.

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