Blockbuster Video: Retro Rewind – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann and his wife Sam filmed inside one of the last remaining Blockbuster Video’s in the U.S.! This video also discusses rental chains of old, and some that are still around!

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  1. I like to go to the Blockbuster in Mexico. Has a lot of legit copies for cheap that they usually sell for $20-40 here in the USA.

  2. Oh! I would walk a thousand miles… just to see a Blockbuster. Thanks for posting this today! ^.^ Now I only rent through On Demand. I have no streaming account whatsoever. I thought that all the Blockbusters were gone. Although, I did see a movie rental store in Seattle last summer. I was so shocked! O.O I remember when I was a kid and I would constantly go to Blockbuster to rent the Bratz Rock Angelz video game. I did this until I was able to save up my allowance for months to finally own the game. Aw, good times.

  3. Oh God, the memories!

    I used to work for Blockbuster in high school and I actually did enjoy it since I got to watch free movies all day and take home video games.

    Damn you Netlfix! *watches Daredevil*

  4. Man, the memories! Thank you for this!


  5. And my biggest memory of Blockbuster?

    In college, on weekends, going out to the Blockbuster with friends, renting a bunch of movies, and spending the entire weekend watching movies. That’s how I discovered Hitchcock movies. That’s how I discovered my passion for old movies. I didn’t grow up watching too many movies, although I loved movies so much. But, college, definitely. So cheap, so easy, and it was so much fun!

  6. Blockbuster was a special place for me way back in 1992. ) They had anime, one of the few places that did. My first tape that I ever rented there had something like this in its description: “The cat sisters escape from the police by preforming deadly striptease”. That sure caught my attention. I was curious at just how can a striptease be deadly? I had some ideas, but I wanted to make sure that me and the video were on the same page here. The movie was, of course, “Tank Police”.

    It was also kind of a quest to find all the episodes of, say, “Bubblegum Crisis”, since the closest Blockbuster had episodes 1-2, and then 4-5-6 and then 8. And buying anime VHS was expencive – easily 30 bucks for an episode! So rental it was. Also, my folks were getting a bit alarmed at my anime addiction, and sometimes they refused to drive me to some far rental store, so that meant a lot of walking for me – first to rent the tape, and then to return it in time. )

    Also, a few years later, I found another rental store, Purple Potamus, that was a real lifesaver – it had tons of anime, all of the Lodoss War and other things, and it was close to home. It also had a clever design for a card which was also a little key-chain.

    So yeah, I felt that, dude! Right in the heart! )))

  7. lilith_ascennding

    I’m crying right now. This is SUCH a nostalgia trip for me. I didn’t really have much memories with Blockbuster (although my mom used to go there to get videos for her students to watch on Fridays), but Hollywood Video is another story. There was a Hollywood Video within walking distance of my house when I was little. Every other weekend or so, we’d order a pizza from the next door Papa John’s and go to the video store to choose a movie. My sister and I were allowed to pick one video, so I would generally get whatever Pokemon VHS I could get my hands on (though sometimes I’d spice things up and get a nature video or something like that) and my sister would always get the same Fraggle Rock video every damn time (I wouldn’t realize how genius that show was until years later when my mom started buying the seasons on DVD for my sister, but that’s another story for another time.). Sometimes, my parents would rent an additional video for us (usually something Disney related), and then we’d go home with our pizza and movies, make some popcorn and soda, and sit down to have the Ultimate Movie Night. It was a sad day when the Hollywood closed down. I love Netflix and all, but I miss the feeling of going into a store and physically picking up a copy of a movie to take home with you.

  8. These still exist!?

  9. @5:33 Diversification, it’s why Barnes and Noble has a Starbucks in every store and sells more than books.

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Well had a video rental store near my old house called house of video(which they put down) and there is one near my mom’s house which they still do have but I use Redbox which makes me feel like Blockbuster even though it’s a smallachine and you rent a quick DVD from it and then return it the next day but glad I can rent movies from it still and when I go up to my dad’s girlfriends house we always rent a movie or two and watch it there and I can safely say if there’s one Blockbuster mesr us then I’m asking my dad if we can go take a trip to it.

    I always loved Blockbuster when I was a kid and was mad in 2008 when they shut it down and they still don’t use the building they used for that Blockbuster for something else and just until earlier this year they turned it into a steak and shame. Man I hope these comeback and I was feeling a complete nostalgia trip during this,anybody else?

  11. I used to work at a Blockbuster. The store I worked at is now a furniture store and another Blockbuster where I live is now a liquor store. It’s a shame that video stores are pretty much gone.

  12. ThatGuyInTheHeadband

    There’s actually a Family Video just a few blocks away from my house. My family and I still occasionally rent movies from there. It even has a Marcos so we get pizza there as well whenever we feel like getting the cheap stuff. The weird thing is that there used to be a Hollywood Video across the street from it. It eventually went out and stood vacient for years. Then a year ago Family Video moved into it with the Marcos added and left the original location just vaccent as the Hollywood was. Have no idea if another buisnes will eventually buy it as Family Videos have unique looks to them.

  13. God, so many memories coming back…we had a local rental video store nearby where i lived in NC, called Tiger Videos, and I went there many, many times to rent the same animated films over and over again, such as Balto and The Land Before Time.

    Then we discovered Blockbusters when we moved across town, and it was always a go-to for me as a child. Buying video games were always a gamble in the eyes of my parents, and being a military family meant living on my father’s paycheck while my mother went back to college; so renting a couple of games for a week, it helped me decide if the game I was playing was really worth buying or asking Santa for when it was near Christmastime or my birthday.

    I had a habit of re-renting the same games for an entire month, and two I can remember happened to be Pokemon Snap and Hey You, Pikachu! Man…maybe the next time I see a Blockbuster, I’ll walk into one, like you did Chris, and just take a trip down memory lane.

    • Land Before Time. oh man, I loved those. so much nostalgia. I was obsessed with dinosaurs as a kid, thought I’d be a paleontologist in kindergarten. There were these Land Before Time hand puppets you could get at the time, from some food place or other, and I was trying to collect them… man, little kid memories….

  14. Blockbuster was not my first job, but it was my first *retail* job in my late teens. ‘Round about 2003/2004. I’d moved away from home, and they were the first place hiring – wound up hired on as a shift lead (I think that was what we called it?) too, go figure. I have some very good memories of my time with them and might possibly still have my old name badge. 😛 I was legitimately sad when the non-franchise stores closed, and not just for kid-nostalgia of renting movies and games. (Though, that, too!) Hadn’t even thought about the franchise locations, so I’m very glad you did this video. It makes me smile to know at least some places are still open. 🙂

  15. We have a Family Video/Marco’s Pizza here in Wisconsin and we take our kids there every once in a while. They love the fact that they can look through all the movies themselves and physically pick out what they want to watch. It has become a big bonding thing for us and I’m glad we’re able to give them them such a special experience.

    As for my own childhood experience, I don’t remember which store it was; but when I was about 7 or 8 I went to a video store with a friend, unsure about what I was looking for. My friend ran straight to the newly released section and told me I just HAD to see the *new* movie “Labyrinth”. I was reluctant at first, but it has since become my favorite childhood movie of all time. Not sure that would have happened without stores like that!

  16. I hear you and feel what you feel brother.

  17. Yes I remember Holllywood Video on Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, New York City all too well like about six or seven years ago.

  18. I don’t even use Netflix.

  19. I believe because of the foreclosure of the video library rental chain stores these days, it’s partly the reason why I own over more than 300 movies in my apartment on DVD and Blu Ray and some old ones on VHS, or used to download and burn some pirated website movies called or Azures Torrents until I couldn’t do it no longer, because I think copyright lobbyists have caught up to this company and now this particular website still exists but completely lacks movie and music video or other video content, I used to type a particular year on the search engine to find whatever movie usually an old one I wanted to download and burn on my recordable DVDs and sometimes Dual-Layer Capacity.

  20. I really liked the selection at Hollywood Video.

  21. I believe the few remaining locations are around communities that don’t have broadband internet access, so the people who live there can’t just use netflix or something similar.

    When I was a kid Blockbuster did a promotion where kids with good report cards could get free rentals and stuff, since I was a straight A student in middle school I got tons of them, and the staff was familiar with me because of it. I THINK we still have a Hollywood Video close to where I live, I’m going to take a trip there to see if it’s still open now.

  22. My favorite memory was of the Hollywood video in Fremont Ca. It had this picture at the back of a huge Tyrannosaurus walking along side the Hollywood sign. Both blockbuster and hollywood video hold a lot of memories for me. From 1st-5th grade fridays would always be blockbuster and pizza night. Currently where I live both hollywood and blockbuster have closed down but a smaller place called all the best video stayed open until this year, now it to has gone the way of blockbuster and hollywood video.

  23. I lived in a small town with no Blockbuster, but there was one family owned video rental store. They were actually a place you could design your fireplaces and buy more wood for your fireplaces. But in a small room in the back they had shelves of VHSs they were renting out for some side money. They honestly didn’t have much in the collection but being a kid it didn’t matter to me.

    Getting older we moved to another small town, but this time they had a more legit video rental. They would make you pay 1-2 dollars for a 3 day rental per video, but if you returned it before hte final due date, they would give a dollar off your next rental. Not to mention they were linked with the next door grocery store and if you bought a certain number of groceries, it was another dollar off. My mom and I ended up having free video rentals for close to a year nearly exploiting this discount. We were surprised that they are still in service today and still providing the same discount.

    We moved back to the old town and a video rental store with a better selection popped up, allowing me and my friends to rent videos for the weekend. The thing is though that they also were a tanning saloon, and I still can’t forget the smell of tanning lotion and popcorn mixed together.

    Wasn’t until I was in high school and moved to California I experienced Blockbuster, so that name holds little meaning to me, but the general video rental store, no matter the name, holds dear memories for me.

  24. I have 2 video rental shop memories:

    1. Going to Blockbuster and printing off Pokemon Snap pictures! It was the only place where you could. You took in your game and put it in a machine and print off the pictures.

    2. I had a small town local only rental shop call George Heapies. You could rent CD’s and video’s and later video game and then DVD’s before it closed down. I remember going in on Saturday morning as a kid with my mum and choosing a couple of Disney videos. Costing just 50p each! That being about 70cents to Americans. As the shop was closed on Sundays I got it an extra day and was returned on Monday morning while I was at school. I recall the “returning” as a mystical thing when I was young, because I never saw mum do returning.
    When I was older I rented games that my parents either couldn’t get or wouldn’t so I played games like “Monster Rancher” and “Digimon”. They never really liked odd games and things from Japan, which I loved. But I got pocket money and I rented the game to play.

  25. Cool video! I loved going to video stores as a kid, but this is my favorite story. I lived in Redondo Beach CA at the same time Quentin Tarantino worked at a video store in the area, and my mom and I had a membership at that store. A few years later when he got famous I remembered going there, but not if we’d ever met him. So we might have had a brush with greatness, but I’ll never know. 🙂

  26. There are a bunch of Family Videos still going strong in IL. Even with Hulu and YouTube and such, Family Video was the only way I was able to watch Breaking Bad. There’s still a sort of community experience…you see the latest Breaking Bads all rented out and you know everybody’s watching it at the same time. Or when Robin Williams died and all the Robin Williams’ movies were rented out. One thing that I continuously like about the brick and mortar way of things is browsing and finding something unexpected. With the internet, you pretty much look for something particular in mind, harder to be surprised.

    I used to go to Blockbuster, but they were more expensive than the other places and had a worse late fee policy. Family Video has a lot of things going for it, free kids’ movies, very cheap prices… I once participated in a blood drive where I could watch movies while donating blood, then got a free movie.

    There was a video rental place, from my high school years, called Video Village, which I loved, huge selection, where I found Erasurehead.

    I had fond memories of a mom and pop video rental place (video villa?) in my small college town in Iowa, (it was next to a tanning salon, of all things) I was there all the time. I remember that I broke down and bought a DVD player in 2005, when new releases stopped coming out on VHS. I have some DVDs older than some VHSes, during that transition period. I think I Heart Huckabees was the most recent VHS I had. I refused to part with my VHSes and still watch them.

    anyways, I don’t go to Family Video as much as I used to, but I still go pretty regularly.

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