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Blue-Skying continues with an average kid in an average life involving aliens, magic, and mindwipes.

Part 2

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  1. “Why not call the A.I. ‘Steve’?”

    They tried that when they called it HAL…

  2. Huh! Me wonders, why since Booster saved Ted, and after Ted beats Max, they couldn’t just arrest him there and then so He’d be taken to jail to prevent his plans, and the Wonder Woman killing him thing never happened?!

  3. So, the patient plan of the Reach, where they slowly strip-mine the planet and turn humanity into a slave race through proximity…

    That sounds an awful lot like the plot of a short arc in Stargate SG-1 (season 4’s episode “2010”, and season 5’s episode “2001”). It’s not exactly the same, but the aliens involved slowly sterilise humanity through life-length increasing medicine so they can out-breed humanity in order to take over and gain Earth’s natural resources.

  4. Checkmate? Cool name but what are they, a DC villain’s chess club?
    Personally, I think having superheroes kill or be in the position to kill means a lot of story potential, opening up the opertunity to explore this really grey issue and how it affects superheroes ().
    0:59 I’m wondering why they never have sister (also Steve isn’t really that creepy)
    03:13 I can believe that.
    04:12 that was brillient 🙂
    07:02 *eye three furbies on shelf* What are you?
    07:57 DC’s Mr. T is weird (your sum up of these guys is brillient: but I guess they’re probably in the news so their use to them)
    12:01 Blue Beetle: busting down cliches since the 1980’s. Sweet!!
    My goodie goodness this run looks fantastic: especially the art!
    08:58 you mentioned him in your crossover with Nash

  5. No, they can’t call the computer Steve. That’s the name of that crazy guy who dresses up like a bat and kidnaps underage children for nefarious purposes, remember?

  6. From my understanding, DC Rebirth is doing what Infinite Crisis was trying to do in making the DC Universe light-hearted again. Let’s hope that actually works this time.

    • I like the idea with Rebirth that “something’s missing”. I always liked that Flash had his own museum and there was a huge statue of Superman in Centennial Park. I’ve always felt Marvel went a bit overboard with public mistrust of heroes, but accept that it’s part of Marvel’s identity. It’s not DC’s. It’s fine for some characters, where it fits (like Batman) or even for storyline purposes, but not everywhere.

  7. I first heard about Jaime Reyes from his appearance in the 2008 animated show “Batman: The Brave and the Bold,” and I thought Jaime was an awesome teenage superhero, and I still do. I also enjoyed seeing him in Young Justice (until Cartoon Network canceled it in favor of the god awful Teen Titans Go!”). I’m also look forward on how well they pull him off in his first feature film appearance in the animated DTV movie, “Justice League vs. Teen Titans,” and the plot of said movie is similar to that of “JLA/Titans: The Technis Imperative.”

  8. Just wanted to let you know El Paso is in West Texas not New Mexico. As a Texan this is very important to me. Love these big series wide reviews by the way. One of my favorite things you do.

  9. All this mention of traffic accidents makes me wonder if Linkara is going to review a Gamera comic?

  10. Am a marvel guy myself so I only know a bit about Blue Beetle before this started. After learning more about Jaime Reyes I realized that marvel’s new Nova shares a hell of a lot in common with him.

  11. El Paso… New Mexico… El Paso, New Mexico. EL PASO NEW MEXICO!!!! Seriously, Linkara, Seriously?! Tell me you are joking, please! Did you not read the Jaime Reyes Wiki to close? Texas… El Paso is in Texas. Marty Robins wrote a Friggen song about it! It’s in the Lyrics! “Out in the west TEXAS Town of El Paso, I fell in love with a Mexican Girl” Of course what should I expect especially in this day and age when most people just think of El Paso as the Gateway to Juarez. GAH!

  12. Too bad Lemon Demon’s newest album, Spirit Phone, wasn’t on your radar when you made this review. You could have sampled his song “No Eyed Girl”!

  13. I don’t think it’s the comic industry in General that’s trying to die, but just DC. Marvel’s actually doing great these days.

  14. Christ, does this guy like anything? Why does he even read comics if he just shits on everything.

    • If that’s what you think you must not be paying very close attention.

    • …You didn’t watch the video at all, did you? You literally could not have assumed I hate everything in response to a video WHERE IT IS NOTHING BUT PRAISE FOR THIS SERIES.

    • First, there are quite a few reviews in this series where he’s turned out liking the comics. He also repeatedly talks about comics he likes within the confines of his reviews. However, the main focus of the series is the reviewing of bad comics, or at least one Linkara feels are bad. He does this with both a great sense of humor and and honest critical eye. He’ll differentiate the cases where he likes the art, but not the writing and vice versa. He’ll mention where he sees good parts within a bad story and when an idea is good, but wasn’t executed well.

      The main point is the primary focus of the series are bad ones, not every comic he’s ever read. It’s a way of differentiating his show from other review shows and gives him a niche of his own. He actually makes it very clear how much he loves comics and that these reviews are his way of hopefully encouraging creators to do better or try harder.

      Now how you got anything negative from this particular video is beyond me. As someone who hasn’t read comics regularly in many years, I’m tempted to go back and pick up this series since Linkara makes it clear how good he thinks it is and that Jaime is a character worth following.

  15. WELL YOU SEE LINKARA, the problem with not just retconning bad stories and instead referencing them into good stories is due to this thing called “human nature and problems in the industry”. You see…they can’t JUST turn around One More Day because Joe Quesada is an asshole who has mandated that it fucking can’t, and even if he did ALLOW it to then the problem would be finding a writer both good enough to turn it around and willing to even look at it as if it has potential instead of just being “a mistake to learn from on what not to do”. That is why retconning is infinitely easier. Especially considering that story caused a gigantic retcon the size of the moon that turned a bunch of good stories into bad stories and made Mary Jane look like a fucking liar and hypocrite.

    Of course you already probably know this and are going to blow my point off and sarcastically reference it in a video cause I’m the umpteen hundredth person to tell you that, but you know, I’d like to know how you would turn it around while actually referencing events. I mean it’s not like you’ve ever written anything that was in bad taste or had plot holes…oh wait.

    • I’d like you not to throw a damned temper tantrum every single time you post something, but I already know THAT’S not going to happen.

      As for your point it’s pretty much bollocks in my opinion. There are many good writers who could turn the crap of One More Day into gold, all they have to do is hire them and allow them to do so.

  16. Civil War was awesome. Putting it in the same category of crap DC did is an insult.

    • Civil War was nonsensical shite, putting it in the same category as the awesome stories is the insult.

      • Too bad it was good. Otherwise, the ‘shite’ you just said would have been true.

        • I’m sorry you were born without any sense of good taste or appreciation of good storytelling. I’m also sorry that I saw fit to mock you for such an affliction and I hope that some day scientists will find a cure for your affliction and you will no longer have to go through life thinking Civil War wasn’t a giant heaping pile of shit.

          • Don’t mistake your own shortcomings as my own, bud.

            But, yeah I’m sure someday medical scientists will have a breakthrough that will help you get out of 3rd grade Special Ed someday.

  17. 25:13 Your beautiful angelic smile tells me its going to be awesome. 😀

  18. I see that watching Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow is paying off. I was familiar with most of what you were talking about. ^.^

  19. This made me appreciate how much effort Young Justice put into adapting Jaime’s Blue Beetle story for a full season focus and the amount of things they pulled from the run into their adaption. Heck, they could have skipped there ever being other Blue Beetles in that continuity, but the show opted to add in and honor the first two in memory.

  20. I was just thinking last week how given the many surperhero movies that are coming out, there are no Hispanic superheros and that line up. I did remember from previous videos, along with Erod, mentioning that the Blue Beetle is Hispanic so I looked up more heroes hoping to find more. My main complaint about pretty much all the Hispanic Superheros from DC and Marvel is that they’re A) small time or supporting superheros or that wouldn’t ever get a film adaptation or B) Hispanic people who pick up a title of a previously established superhero such as Blue Beetle, Green Lantern or The Question or C) where made to fill a quota and were never expanded upon past that, IE Super Friends.

    I might be being picky about that last one but think about it: would it work if a Caucasian person picked up the title of a Hispanic superhero? My main complaint to borrow an idea from Lindsay’s Smurfette principle video, why is that I, as a Hispanic, can relate to a Caucasian lead but not the other way around? Don’t most of these superheroes operate in cities where there are large population of Hispanic communities? Black Panther gets his movie pushed back to make way for yet another Spider-man movie (yup I had to throw that here somewhere.) Or am I just ignorant and know little about superheros?

    If there were to be a Blue Beetle movie with Jaime, it seems like there would have to be a lot of exposition or be left unexplained unless Jaime is the first Blue Beetle which would not only upset fans but be disrespecting the previous Blue Beetles. I’ve learned a lot from your retrospect on the legacy of the Blue Beetle and it does please me to learn that Jaime had a large enough interest to warrant three years worth of a series. That gives me hope that we may someday see a superhero movie about a Hispanic superhero in the DC or Marvel cinematic universe.

    I’m also going to have to pick up the trade on this Blue Beetle.

    • I’d pretty much given up comics by the time Jaime came around and some of what you say kind of resonated with my overall opinion. It seemed like what you said, killing off a beloved character to fill a quota. However, in hearing Linkara’s analysis, I’m finding myself really liking this kid. While I love DC’s use of legacy characters and think New 52 really killed something they had made great use of, I would have no problem with an original Blue Beetle movie with Jaime as the sole holder of the mantle, if it’s handled the way it was handled here.

      Like Linkara, I like my heroes to be heroes and that’s what Jaime seems like here. Take the recent stuff with Superman. The idea that Superman would willingly allow a villain to drain his powers and used them for whatever purpose, just to maintain his secret identity is loathsome to me. I like that Jaime is up front with friends and family because too often secret identities kept from loved ones for no valid reason. I’ll cut some slack for long running characters who maintain such secrecy out of long standing tradition (although not to the point of putting people in danger), but newer characters needlessly complicating their lives by keeping a secret when telling those close to them the truth would actually be beneficial is just stupid.

      Jaime seems like a really good kid who wants to help and do the right thing. He’s brave, has a strong character, and treats his family and friends with respect and love. I’d sign up to see that kid on the big screen any day. Ted Kord may be MY Blue Beetle, but I could live without him if this kid gets his day.

  21. I notice in the opening, you are now holding “The Crossing”. Is that coming soon? I’ve been waiting for years to see you sink your teeth into that particular piece of dreck. It’s kind of like Countdown for Marvel. It pretty much does everything wrong and was erased/ignored almost immediately.

  22. Wow, this is probably the longest part episode of anything I’ve seen here. It’s great that you devoted yourself to this so much. He seems to be a bigger influence than the Teen Titans. It’s great to see so much going on. There could have been more jokes.

    Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman? It sounds like you’re getting anticipated for “Batman Vs. Superman”. Granted, this was made before it came out. I heard it wasn’t very good. At least we got to see Wonder Woman. That’s what most people wanted.

  23. “Hello. My name is Paco, and I’m going to hit you with this stick until you get off my planet.”

    John Roger’s run on Blue Beetle was fantastic, and probably my favorite comic on the stands when it was coming out.

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