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Rantasmo takes a closer look at queer representation in the unusually diverse Borderlands franchise.

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I’ll be honest I as a person with an active imagination, really did think that the next logical step for the next Siren in Borderlands should be not transgendered, but rather a “Hermaphrodite”. But not the woman with penis that is so often sexualized and glorified, especially in animated/drawn pornography and hentai, but a hermaphrodite of completely male appearance. It would be a good twist on the whole Siren lore. And it would mean we’d get different female characters that are NOT Sirens. Btw, I do know that transgendered is not the same as hermaphrodite. I would just find it… Read more »

There’s a quote about Borderlands I found that’s both positive and somewhat tragic: “It’s ironic that the death world of Pandora is more open and friendly to LGBTQ+ folks than the real world.”


I could be wrong but I thought Jack was Bi , because of two reason 1) I think that the creator may have said he was 2) he be flirting with everyone

Well it’s kinda ehhhh debatable, Anthony Burch said in his ask fm when asked that Jack is straight, then he got asks from fans being all “wtf Jack isn’t straight he’s totally bi” and he then kinda went like “Okay sure whatever” in one answer, and on some later ask he elaborated that he still thinks of Jack as straight but you’re allowed to think whatever you want. And this all happened after tales had come out and such when he isn’t a writer for the series anymore. IDk how to use Ask fm properly and get a direct link… Read more »
I want to get around to playing the Telltale Borderlands game(s) but after I upgraded my PC the last time, Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel both crash+restart or fully bluescreen my computer. All I did was upgrade from a GTX 550 to a 950 (still an Nvidia card, somehow conflicts with an Nvidia game??) and probably had to replace my motherboard. (I swear I’ve gone through like 8 mobos on this PC in the last decade) They are literally the only games that do this; The original doesn’t. Higher strain games like Witcher 3 on max settings don’t. It’s just… Read more »