Boss Booten: Akuma and Gouki

Boss Booten reunites with his old classmate Akuma, otherwise known as Gouki which is godenese for “Stupid Nerd”.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Boss Booten is an awesome god.I mean who can rub soap on their hands as fast as he can.

  2. This seemed like a Boss Booten version of a Kung Kwon Todd episode and kinda suffers from being way too short.

    What made the previous Boss Booten video funny for me was him picking on a weaker being in the most hilarious way possible. Akuma isn’t exactly wimpy and that’s where I felt the humor in this video falls short for me.

    Plus, I wanted to see more destruction to Ryan’s balls. Yes.

    • Thanks for the honest feedback and if you go to our youtube page and see all of the other Boss Booten episodes after this one, we return it back to that type of humor.

      I guarantee there is more destruction to my balls and other body parts. Mostly my pride. 🙂

      – Ryan

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