Boy vs Girl: Insect Eating

Season 2 of Boy vs Girl kicks off, and we will find out who is better at eating insects!

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  1. I think you guys would like them if they were freshly cooked.

  2. Oh My God, such bravery. I would only do this for two million dollars. Also, Youtube is beginning to grow on me.

  3. As of posting this I still haven’t gotten to where you’re eating them and I already feel like throwing up.

  4. Now make a Dump Cake out of them.

  5. Maybe bc I grew up with insects in my diet, but don’t see this video as gross. I just think it’s funny the faces you make.

    I’m use to scorpions in tequila (teenage drinking game where we drink as much as we can. Loser eats the scorpion) along with eating grasshoppers like they were peanuts.

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