Boy vs Girl: Pucker Butt

It’s not like it sounds… kinda. Who can withstand ‘Pucker Butt’ sauce the longest without taking a drink?

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  1. LOL. I could never survive even a lick of this sauce. Sometimes Chipolte’s chicken gets a little too spicy for me and makes me tear up a bit. Also, yay for Grace!

  2. You’re suppose to drink milk, not water, when eating spicy stuff. Water just makes the burn worse.

    Also, I’d like to try some of that.

  3. Grace is widening the gap Mike. You gotta get on the board at least. I’ll be rooting for you next time.;)

  4. Oh look, a 37 year old boy and his dull girl-wife doing stunts

  5. Beer is also good for dealing with the heat ^^

    Also, I looked up “Pucker Butt Hot Sauce” and there appear to be different kinds. What kind did you guys use? What were the Scoville units?

  6. Guys, drink milk after eating hot sauce, it helps eliminate the capsaicin from the sauce which causes the burning feeling on your taste buds. Water just spreads the sauce all over your mouth making things far worst.

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