Brad Tries McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

Brad tries the rare McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce as mentioned on Rick and Morty.

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  1. Rick and Morty is a great show, but man, talk about a toxic fanbase. One should never lose their shit over lack of freakin’ nugget sauce. I don’t care how good Rick says it is.

  2. This was just so incredibly stupid. Rick and Morty randomly picked a forgotten discontinued item to make a joke out of and the fans turned it into this huge dumb thing. Sure, McDonalds didn’t handle it well, but can you blame them? Before Rick and Morty there wasn’t a single person clamoring for their Szechaun sauce. This wasn’t Crystal Pepsi. There wasn’t a solid base that have been asking for it for years. I’d be confused and asking “What the hell?” too if people suddenly started making a big deal about something I stopped producing 20 years ago and no one’s made a peep about up until now.

    Good grief.

  3. You got the sauce?! Man, I can’t wait to try it in winter and I’ve never seen Rick & Morty. I know a lot of people think you’re automatically a douche if you want the sauce but I was a baby when the sauce came out the first time. Then again, I’ve never heard of Szechuan Sauce until this whole controversy(?).

    • I really liked it at the time. It was sweet with a spicy kick. But I didn’t cry when it went away and if I wanted to taste it again I could just go to the grocery store.

  4. Yeeeeah… This was duly mentioned on Nash’s ”WTFIWWY”.
    Greed and madness REEEEALLY don’t mix well together. Or shouldn’t, at all.

  5. I’m fairly certain that they brought back Crystal Pepsi because of you dude, and now I kind of hope they bring this back at McDonalds as a regular option because I don’t like their current selection of dipping sauces, but I DO like Szechuan Teriyaki…

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