Brandon Tenold: Alienator

Brandon tackles the film “Alienator”, starring Jan-Michael Vincent, Ross Hagen and John Philip Law. Guest appearance by The Cinema Snob.

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Reviewer/Riffer/Lover of strange films from across cinema history.


  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    love your videos.I really wish there were more commentors on your videos since i think your really funny.You also got a funny cameo by the cinemq snob.P.S the movie about my hot dog weiner on a bun is heavy metal if you get what i mean

    • I’ll give Brandon the Christmas present of a comment as well!

      Funny review and I loved Brad’s cameo. Love the fact that you review films nobody has heard of and can get people like me interested in them.

  2. Is that really a woman? Looks like a dude in a bra.

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