Brandon Tenold: Destroy All Monsters

It’s an all-out monster bash as I review the Kaiju epic “Destroy All Monsters” (1968), featuring Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, King Ghidorah and some other brief cameos!

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  1. Answer to question why Mothra was larva in this is that likely she died and she was reborn by transfering her essence to new born version that had hatchet from egg. After all she is goddess of rebirth.

  2. 1:25 – Here would have been a good place for a cameo of The Artist Formerly Known As.

  3. Moviemantweeter1999

    Who knew the humans could take up half a japense Godzilla movie(which sucks but you get my point).At least Mina isin’t as annoying as he was in the last movie. I’m glad you kept your promise Mr.Tenold and didn’t just post the review that you put up on your YouTube last Saturday(the review for queen Kong). At least I can watch Godzilla movies on Netflix. Good review and you’ll probably post your queen Kong review next so see you until that review happens.

  4. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Wow, that was one hell of a curb stomp battle at the end.

  5. I remember loving this movie as a kid… though looking back it wasn’t that great… the battle at the end was still pretty badass, though.

  6. This movie is the spiritual predecessor to Final Wars right down to humans taking up half the plot. Then again humans take up half the plot in most Godzilla movies.

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