Brandon Tenold: Epic Days of the Dinosaur

Brandon goes down under with the strange Australian animated film “Epic: Days of the Dinosaur”, featuring dingos, rock monsters and Gossamer from Looney Tunes. Oh, and one dinosaur!

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  1. Gah! Romulan sleeper cell!!

    . . .

    Anyway, enjoyable review. A tad similar to another reviewer in terms of delivery, sense of humor, and subject matter, but it seems to be mostly coincidental rather than pure ripoff.

    All in all, I say good stuff.

    Now get your pointy-eared ass back to the Neutral Zone, rommie!!!

  2. I’m so glad I checked out Brandon’s videos. They’re legitimately hilarious, and he has his own niche of movies that I enjoy seeing riffed. Kudos!

  3. Man, this movie was weird! And worse, it leaves you thinking, what was the whole point? I wonder if it was based on actual Aboriginal myths or something.

    Btw Brandon, have you seen Journey to Magika? It’s a new animated movie from the Philippines. The story isn’t THAT weird by itself -it’s the typical boy-goes-to-a-fantasy-world-to-improve-himself quest- but with some really crazy designs, for example the vampires in it can split in two halves (!) I think it would make for an interesting review.

  4. Yay, more Godzilla.

    I remember Dot And The Kangaroo. It aired a lot on HBO way back when. That bunyip song scared me so bad as a little kid that I had to turn the TV off until the scene ended.

  5. There must be something more to review than nagging on every scene, listening to complains becomes old very fast.

  6. Wow…Just wow….This is a step above Clutch Cargo & Son of the Lion King, on par with CD-i Zelda, & Aladdin & the Adventure of All Time, & way below Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings, Scruff/El Rovelló, Ratatoing, Foodfight, Speed Racer, Diatron 5, & Space Thunder Kids.

    How come the boy has elf ears, but not his sister?

    Welp, you sure have my attention. Guess I’ll have to catch up on your backlog.

  7. OMG! You certainly proved something is real, and not a fever dream, to me today! I used to lvoe that Dot & The Kangaroo when I was really little, but until I watched this I’d completely forgotten the name…

    Thank you very much, I need to go find that so I can see how terrible it actually is XD

  8. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    WTF? The drugs the script writers had must have been incredible.

  9. I was going through your backlog & noticed you’ve uploaded both this & Alienator twice.

  10. This was the first animated movie I saw when I was 7 damn what a trip

  11. I saw Dot and the Bunny as a kid, it starts out with a bunny that wants to believe it’s a kangaroo then BAM war flashbacks. I still understand none of the fucks in that movie

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