Brandon Tenold: I Drink Your Blood

I take on the notorious exploitation movie “I Drink Your Blood”, which deals with one of the biggest threats to America today: rabid hippies!

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  1. It’s October? Shit, I lost track of time.

  2. With a video image like *that*, how could I not watch this?!

  3. Being a Vet Tech, I can confirm that rabies causes animals to become scared of water, super horny, and suddenly have the urge to chop others into pieces with various instruments. This one was super funny! That kid is more evil than the satanic worshipers.

  4. It wasn’t because of the rabies that they were afraid of water, it’s because they’re all dirty hippies.

  5. Personally, I LOVE this movie. I watch it a couple times a year. The crazy synth soundtrack is magic to my ears and all those crazy sound effects are mostly achieved by some stoned hippie playing with a MicroMoog.
    Funny video either way. I’m glad that, even though you’re ripping on it, you’re bringing attention to it which is awesome if that brings even ONE person to check out this kickass little gem of a horror movie. One that I find VITAL VIEWING to any B-Horror/exploitation fan.
    By the way, Brandon, you skipped one of my favorite WTF? scenes of the entire film: Toward the beginning, when the van is broken down and the one lazy hippie is sleeping in the back while the rest of them are pushing it. One of the gang is about to wake him up, but Horrace has got a way better idea. Using the universal hand signal for: “Sssssshhhhh… Let’s NOT wake him and instead, push the van down the hill, into the gully. That’ll be a RIOT!” They elect to go with this new plan and everyone laughs hysterically as the broken down van careens down the hill, bouncing around wildly and startling the shit out of ole Lazy Smurf. Hopefully, the 5 seconds of inspired, assholish, practical joke hilarity is worth the obvious pain in the ass it’s now gonna be to get the van back out of there, but then, one of the benefits of being a Satanic hippie is not giving a devil’s dick about material possessions, so, I’m assuming by the fact that the van is never shown again throughout the film, they just say, “Fuck it” and leave it there, like a cheap sacrifice to the slacker dark lord.

  6. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Rabies is the T-Virus? And an std? Huh…

  7. Love your reviews! Keep up the good work! Also, this movie seems to be be one of those movies that are so weird that they’re funny.

  8. YES! The old cartoon theme was the first thing I thought of when they said Dr. Banner! Glad you referenced it!

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