Brandon Tenold: Top 10 Ray Harryhausen Films

Brandon pays tribute to stop-motion animator and special effects titan Ray Harryhausen by counting down his top 10 movies from the master!

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  1. Harryhausen was a fucking legend.

  2. You know that Harryhausen is a legend, when these movies are better known by his incredible special effects, rather than by directors and actors in them.

  3. Great list, and I absolutely agree with #1. I saw Jason and the Argonauts numerous times as a kid and it always blew me away. The fact that he could match the movements of the monsters, especially the skeletons, to the actor’s so flawlessly, without the aid of computers, is a testament to his talent and devotion to the craft. CGI has made leaps and bounds, but those old stop-motion creatures always seemed to have more personality to them.

  4. That 1,000,000 B.C., they really needed REEEEEB BROOOOOWWWWWN!


  5. That 1,000,000 B.C., they really needed REEEEEB BROOOOOWWWWWN!


  6. Nice review! A lot of people know that he was a legend, but it’s hard to convey that some of these were the “Jurassic Park” of their day.

  7. I owned Valley of Guangi as a kid and 1 million years bc and I watched them as much if not more than jurassic park oh to put that in perspective I was born in 1992 so jurassic park just came out that year

  8. Great review of a legendary man. Also,like that you threw in Caroline Munro’s song!

  9. Holy shit, Brandon got on Channel awesome! hell yes!

  10. Giant Crab! You must hit its weak point for massive damage!

  11. He was at a convention (I now regularly go to) a year before I started going and I really wish I’d gotten to meet him. I’ve always loved his movies as well… and it isn’t until now, over a year later, that I find out he passed away 🙁

  12. Very nice tribute. I never knew the name, but definitely knew the man. Jason and the Argonauts is also one of my favorite films and the skeleton scene always amazes me, so the 3 months was well worth it. Now I have to see those Sinbad films!

  13. Oh, I haven’t seen Clash of the Titans in ages. I used to watch it back to back with Erik the Viking (1989). I should have a movie night & rewatch them.

  14. Nice list. Ray Harryhausen is a legend and you can easily here see why.
    Only complain is that Jules Verne is most known from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (so it’s not even about the list). I think Verne is much more known from Around the Earth in 80 Days and The Journey to the Center of the World.
    20,000 Leagues is a good story still though.

  15. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Ray Harryhausen was a master at his craft i see.I might watch clash of the titans he did first since they show it on tmc all the time,then i’ll watch jason and the argonauts,then any of his films.Nice list and kewp up the good work.

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