Brandon Tenold: War God

I tackle the obscure Chinese monster movie “War God” (1976), AKA “Guan Yu”, but should it have stayed obscure?

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Reviewer/Riffer/Lover of strange films from across cinema history.


  1. Please make your own subtitles for the whole movie 😀 hilarious stuff.

  2. The subtitles were the true monster of this movie.

  3. Please keep reviewing really obscure movies. They are truly your strong suit. 🙂

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    good stuff,brandon,good stuff.From the reviews title card i didn’t think the aliens were going to be that big but boy was I wrong.I saw the review last sunday.You should use more zhul jokes.

  5. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    @ 10:47 EYEBROWS!

  6. Now hold on! Inventing Pong is an admirable feat.

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