Brave and the Bold #28 – AT4W

The world’s greatest heroes! …and a teenager who snaps his fingers a lot.

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  1. I already saw this on YouTube, I just came to answer your question in the credits. “Why does Wonder Woman need to quit being a superhero after marrying?”
    It’s because it was social commentary on how working women had to quit their jobs as soon as they were married, and this was mandatory. These “rules” wouldn’t be relaxed until the mid-1960’s-early 1970’s.

    • Japan still has similar thing because it’s part of they culture so these days many women there end of choosing career over family that effects to they low birth rates. So really they need to change that if they want to get birth rates increase again.

      • Well it’s a bit more complicated than that. Japan’s education system is also encouraging their students to put work and business before pleasure and marriage. Because of this there’s hardly any sex education in Japan, meaning a lot of young adults have no clue about sex itself. Also their business hours stretch to midnight hours, which leads to many workers staying at hotels, so many couples don’t see each other for weeks. At present Japan needs tons of reforms in many areas to get their birth rates going.

  2. Nice into stating you just got married, Lewis. Why, it reminds me of the time Brad did the same thing, like, a few hours ago. …Weird, I know. (Also, if you are to update the Secret Origins Month title card for next year, use the Justice League Unlimited theme.

    The Justice League is my favorite superhero team, and I freakin’ loved it. I already saw it twice; may see it for a third time this weekend. Good action, good character moments, and damn good music by Danny Elfman. Crossing my fingers for an Extended Cut Blu-ray.

    2:21- Maybe THAT’S why Warner Bros. didn’t include Superman for most of their marketing material for the Justice League movie. Oh well, it was still awesome seeing Supes kicking ass in footage that was NOT shown in the trailers & TV spots.

    5:20- Yeah, I remember that “Got Milk?” ad when the promoted The Dark Knight.

    6:35- I doubt that “Peter the Puffer Fish” will make an appearance in next years Aquaman movie.

    11:18- Or a Birdemic spin-off called “Giant Jumbo Jellyfish vs. Giant Flying Starfish.”

    Jeez. No wonder DC turned Snapper Carr into a villain decades later.

  3. Did… did you really get married?

  4. You got married? Congratulations! 😀

  5. PLOT TWIST! Linkara married Linksano for benefit purposes!

  6. Congratulations on getting married, Linkara!

  7. I love your voice as Starro. Hey, you used the face from “Care Bears II”. Classic Nostalgia Critic episode! Oh yeah, that guy was a star too. Did you really get married? I missed you last week.

  8. Congratulations on your marriage!

  9. Aquaman has a friend named “Peter The Puffer Fish” …?

    And this hasn’t been made into a weird children’s book why?

  10. 10:10 Uh, it traveled up the Colorado River??
    10:48 Never mind, it flew, because, of course it did.
    11:24 Seriously, the US actually “DID” used to do that; until they quit doing that after an “almost accident”. They then decided “this” may not be such a great idea.
    (Cue “The More You Know” logo).

  11. And yet, this annoying teen mascot/sidekick would end up becoming a balding conservative news reporter in certain recent portrayals.

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