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By popular demand ERod delivers a commentary on one of his most popular review series.

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  1. This was before I started watching. I actually never saw the original review. Haha. I remember being a big Twilight fan when I was in middle school and early high school. I loved that there was a series that actually took place in Washington state and so close to my own hometown! Forks is only about three hours from where I live. I feel like you don’t see it that often. It’s always New York, Los Angeles, etc. Now that I’m not into romance that much, I’m not into it so much anymore. Although, I do remember being mad that they made the main character look stupid. I remember in the books her getting straight A’s, reading Jane Austen and liking classical music and that was never brought up. I also felt that they portrayed the whole Taylor Launter-Bella daughter thing wrong. Pre-teen me was pissed. Haha. Lastly, those special effects have NOT held up. O.O

  2. What the heck is wrong with Interview with the Vampire? It’s not an horror movie it’s a drama, and i think it’S pretty good, and the novel are quite enjoyable, it’s a different view on how immortal must feel…

  3. As someone who also owns a copy of that Blade sword, I can attest to it’s status as a piece of junk. Bought it years ago while on vacation, and it falls apart incredibly easily. It does look cool though…..

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