“Bricked” Could this be in gaming’s future? – MUD2MMO

This week we look at technology, planned obsolescence, and taurens as we explore your devices being forcbricibly “bricked”.

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  1. VulpesHilarianus

    Another great episode, dude. Though there’s more to this issue than one might think. You state that some people prefer using the old systems and methods, which is why they refuse to change. That’s just a small reason why legacy software and hardware are kept around.

    The main reason people want to keep old stuff is because that old stuff has no replacement. For example, I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I have to keep Windows 7 because most of my software I run cannot run on Windows 8 or 10. Not only that, but buying new software that is less capable for those newer operating systems which have no real benefits to me would put me into the red, and I barely scrape by as it is.

    I use Glulxe for some old text-based games I like from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Windows 8 has serious errors running Glulxe, and as far as I know Windows 10 won’t even run it. For a local auto shop I visit, they have an ECU tuning machine that’s hooked up to one of the early post-acquisition Lenovo Thinkpads running Windows XP. They have to do that because they can’t adjust the cars otherwise. The company that made the ECU tuner hasn’t made a new version of the software since XP SP3, either. It’s even worse with the hospitals. They have systems from the 1980s that cannot be replaced because there’s no way to transfer the data. Systems still using 3.5″ Floppy drives and Worm tape drives. For them to upgrade to newer systems would up-end their deficit and erase over thirty years of patient records.

    This trend of “Bricking” things isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous. Not everyone can afford to upgrade to the newest systems, and because everything in society is based on being connected at all times if the device your using is taken off the system then you’re pretty badly screwed. I had employers who refused to even hire me because I didn’t have a cell phone at the time and used Skype because it’s free. If this goes any further in videogames, then the games I have as CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs on my desk right now will probably be the last ones I buy.

    As an aside, I severely dislike non-physical and purely digital media. After having three fourths of my Steam library disappear when the great Sierra Purge happened and with no refund for all the King’s Quest and Leisure Suit Larry games I bought, I’ve rightfully been sketchy of this whole thing.

  2. Oh man… I remember a friend of mine wanted to hack his Wii and install homebrew on it and he ended up bricking it due to a power outage that happened at his place while he was hacking it. Now it turns on and shows a garbled message in place of the safety warning which makes it a $250 brick.

  3. To play Devil’s Advocate, there is a good reason that many games and pieces of hardware are abandoned and killed like that. The primary reason being: server costs and lack of gain. After a set amount of time, companies just stop making money off of games. No more sales, most users moved on to the next installment, and are possibly several installments down the line. Maybe the series has long since ended and the company cannot afford to put money towards powering and maintaining servers for something they see no capital from.

    One of my favorite games ever, Monster Hunter Tri, saw this happen. More recent installments appeared, they made the Wii U, and MH3’s servers got dropped, leaving a portion of content entirely inaccessible. Do I blame Nintendo? Not really. They got my $50 and I got my money’s worth, and now I can never go back and relive that experience. It’s sad, certainly, but it’s nobody’s fault.

    Likewise, your phone likely has software that is in some way incompatible with more modern software and hardware. They do maintain a certain degree of legacy-ware at all times, but if every internal update has to account for an ever-increasing number of models without pruning old versions, things would quickly start slowing down.

    As for fan-made WoW servers, if they didn’t shut them down now and then, they would actually stand a chance at LOSING WOW FOREVER. Literally. Copyright law is set up so that if you don’t defend your IP from things that infringe on your rights, you may lose the copyright. At the very least, if you do not periodically sweep for these things, truly toxic examples are more likely to creep into existence.

    Should they make Blizzard-owned Legacy Servers? Yeah! Should they let fan-made servers persist? It’s a lot more a grey area than you think.

  4. I honestly really do worry about this like, wasn’t there a thing where the silent hill demo just got scrubbed off of consoles not too long ago? They are already using the ability to do it and I do not trust them enough to think they won’t with actual games I paid for. I still buy a lot of physical games despite it being obnoxious as fuck because I just do not trust companies.

  5. I am so sick of companies acting like the goblins from Harry Potter.

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