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AngryJoe Reviews the $90 million Netflix Blockbuster Film BRIGHT Starring Will Smith! Is it as bad as many critics say?

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  1. This seems to have a lot of Alien Nation, as well.

  2. I’m going to be completely honest here, I legitimately loved this movie. I’ve always been a huge fantasy buff and orcs are a favorite of mine so I was giddy the second I heard this film was being made.

    It has it’s flaws, the writing could have used more polish and nuance at times but it also made me very curious to explore the world it was set in! The cultural differences between the races was wonderful and there was a great sense of it being a real world full of complications and difficulties.

    Some in my circle have complained about it being a clumsy metaphor for racial prejudice, and yeah, it largely is. I think part of that reason is that the way it depicts the distrust of orcs reflects more of an older era when blacks were first being integrated into the police. I also saw notes of anti-Catholic sentimentality in the way the speciesism was depicted. I don’t think a lot of modern people realize that after the Wig party collapsed the main party to succeed it was basically just a bunch of Catholic hating assholes. I don’t want to give the writer too much credit, or too little, but I still have doubts that he’s a particularly learned person.

    It’s just a good, dumb, popcorn movie. The explosions are fun, the magic is a blast, the interplay of the different races was fun and I adored that the elves were shown to more closely resemble their mythical counterparts, in that why they are beautiful and graceful they’re dangerous as FUCK.

    Don’t cross the Good Folk y’all.

  3. I loved Bright. It was like modern Fantasy RPG campaign. Too bad that Game Master who write the story was first time GM. So it’s not masterpiece by any means but done way better than many other things what tried to do the same genres together.

    First I saw a trailer for it I thought it was going to be short series. It should have been so there could have been chance for better writing with that good idea. Just as a movie it kinda falls flat and only mostly certain type of fantasy or/and RPG fans going to really like it. To other it’s just nice movie, or okay buddy cop movie or they really don’t get it. That world needed to be series.

    But I admit that I’m slightly bias because world building was very similar to mine when I roleplayed modern fantasy set up in my own games. Maybe not as much as the main lore part but society parts were quite same. Pure blood elves were often in top positions etc. Just in my world mixed blood (more than half) were kinda outcast.

    Anyway.. Back to the topic.
    To me this was actually really good take about making modern fantasy movie. And I know people complain about political issues what they bring up but didn’t go deep enough.. But maybe it’s good that couple of white dudes didn’t go too deep on those issues? I saw it as a good thing that they at least bring it up as well they could touch the subject matters but left it somewhat be.
    Maybe next time we can hope if they go deeper in to those subjects in second movie – they actually hire people who can say something real and deep about that.

    …. And also hire people who know more about fantasy worlds.

    • Also.. As a bonus. Tikka means Woodpecker in my language so that gave me some extra fun. I hope next time females get more lines while being awesome ninja warriors. (But not with a forced relationship to ether main male.) Those awesome ninja warrior should have been drows/dark elves cause it’s more like their style but that’s my fantasy loving side nit-picking.

  4. It’s basically Shadowrun: The Movie.

    The racial metaphor is a bit heavy-handed; but then again, it is integral to the plot and to the relationship between the characters.

    I didn’t think it was bad at all. I enjoyed it while watching it, though I don’t know if I’d ever watch it again.

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