British People Drink Tea – MikeJ

To celebrate National Tea Day, two British People decided they want to drink new and interesting teas from aroudn the world! Those Two British People being Mike and Grace. Those teas being.. varied.

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The one thing I hatted about going to london was there was a real lack of tea! O_O What I would have done for a cup of tetley or pg tips.

TT-TT loads of flavored but no normal tea.


It’s National Tea Day?! Oh! I’m going to get some Thai Tea today because that counts, right?

Jon McKenzie

We yanks bought London Bridge and put it Arizona.

Jon McKenzie

in Arizona. (Put an edit function on this site, Doug!)

Furgy Krueger

Why don’t you do Shameful sequels anymore? Those were my favorite.


Bergamot is a citrus fruit, although it’s not the fruit itself in the tea in this video. It’s an essence taken from, I think, the rind of the fruit. Bergamot is the ingredient in Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas that give them such distinctive flavor. I think the generic English tea here is supposed to be like an Earl Grey, but I’m not sure why they wouldn’t just call it Earl Grey in the first place. And no, you don’t want to put milk in that.

Fran Ohmsford

Earl Grey is vile!

English Breakfast is really just an expensive/snobby upmarket version of Typhoo or PG Tips or Tetley.

Yorkshire Tea is a newcomer to the big sales having only really been known {outside Yorkshire itself} for the last decade or so.


English Breakfast is vile. Earl Grey is a little cup of Heaven. And I’ve had it with milk while in England. It was yummy.


London Fogs are alright.

Actually, putting milk in an Earl Grey can be fine, as long as you have a strong base tea (an Idian Assam for example). The thing with tea bags however, is that you won’t find an Assam in an Earl Grey, because the tea would overpower the bergamot completely due to the production method (CTC tea as opposed to loose leave tea). Having said that, the confusion is easily explained. I own a tea store in Belgium, and I have to explain this daily to customers: Earl Grey is the most famous tea to come out of Britain. Even more… Read more »
Robert Bateman

In Japan I drank ロイヤルミルクティー (Royal Milk Tea).

This is English tea with milk and sugar.

Vending machines are everywhere.

In the summer beverages are dispensed cold.

In the winter beverages are dispensed very warm.

Alcohol is dispensed from vending machines.


Brits drink tea… and I’m the queen of England xD


I’m American and even I know that London Bridge is the dinky little stone bridge a way down (or up?) the Thames from Tower Bridge.