Brits Drink Tea Part 2 – MikeJ

Mike and Grace Drink more funky teas!

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Movie review shows from Mike Jeavons, a British Person, including "Shameful Sequels" & "Hang on a Second", along with music videos and sketches.


  1. Oh. I didn’t know there would be a Part 2. Then again, there are a lot of types of tea.

  2. Man. Teas aren’t appetizing.

  3. Say “Beet root juice” three times and he appears!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Beet root juice,beet root juice,beet root juice…. Well I even said it out loud and he didn’t come. Your comment is a lie but all I have to say is 😜

  4. You need to make these videos longer, it takes at least 8 minuts until my tea is ready. I finished the video bevor I even had my cup ready!

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Cool i’d never thought watching two British people drinking tea would be interesting but its you two argueing and that’s what makes the video perfect for me.

  6. my favorite flavored teas are Mint and Apple mint is really good for indigestion and respiration problems helping me a lot with my hayfeaver and I have a friend with asthma that sometimes finds it better than her inhaler for minor stuff. Apple seems to be good for headaches and both are really tasty.

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