Brotherhood (2016) – Projector

Noel Clarke goes back to the Hood for the final entry in his street trilogy, but Film Brain thinks it’s very much a step backwards.

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  1. I remeber your review of Storageroom 23 and found it so fascinating hearing about Clarke in the UK.
    This movie in relation to the other two films is kind of like Boyhood, seeing people progress over time.
    The moment you mentioned the sex slavery angle, I began to slump
    I’m not a fan of characters doing dumb things nor am I fan of gangster films so I’ll be giving this a miss but this was a great review.
    And for the record (hope you don’t mind my mentioning this) but you are not nor ever have been or ever will be an irrevilency, especially if you don’t let yourself become one. Remember that. People are fond BMB a bit more then Projector (BMB is one of my favorite shows, Ready to Roll is one of my favorite songs and I smirk every time the word Symbolism enters a conversation) but don’t let it get you down; it’s been 9 years since you started making reviews and your still going just fine which is denfinetly something to be proud of, especially seeing how you’ve grown as critic and you were still really good in your early days.
    Besides if you were an irrevilency then I wouldn’t see tons of films including 10,000 BC, Total Recall, D-Wars, Tranformers, Plastic, Stephen Segal, Priest, 2011 Footloose, Three Musketeers, the Hangover and it’s rippoffs or cheap horror/action movie packs and smile instead of being uninterested or disgusted as well as know much less about comedies, horror, the film making process and action films which I learnt about from both shows; I’ve even started mentally guessing what a films fails will be via DVD cover or poster, going by what you’ve review (Bastielle Day). Nor would I brave some other people’s scarier remiews because I knew you’d do a hilarious cameo (I refer almost entirly to Cinema Snob on this 🙂 ) or know about some great critics who I met through you crossing over with them like Sursum Ursa
    Your shows are informative and humourous; films just happen to be rather bland right now around a time your focusing on the show that deals with the mediocre films in a more subuded fashion then people are used to for review shows.
    Just don’t let it get to you; you are important and cared about. And to conclude my gush about your merrits (sorry for rambling; you’re my favorite reviewer and have left a large impact on me in terms of film, the internet and how to critique things) your hair makes you look very distinguished (would it be steryotypical of my to say you kind of look like Prince Edward?) 🙂 Take care of yourself

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