Bubble Bobble – Battle Geek Plus

The BGP crew plays through Bubble Bobble on the NES. Will they be able to wash away their enemies or will their bubbles burst?

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  1. I was hoping Ryan was gonna finish the game!

    My brother and I loved playing this when we were kids, but we honestly never finished the game from beginning to end and just used the passwords to get to the end. We beat both original and Super Bubble Bobble.

    Will you guys be doing the sequel and Rainbow Islands which is Bubble Bobble only with rainbows and the dinos are in their human forms. The Bubble Bubble sequel goes for ALOT on eBay.

  2. Playing the Video my husband’s head immediately snapped up and said “Bubble Bubble”

    We all played this game a lot as kids. Can’t remember how far my brother and I made it, but we use to be half decent at the game. My husband has fond memories playing it with his younger brother too.

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