Bubblegum Crash – Anime Abandon

Not so much a crash as it is a minor fender-bender.

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  1. I wonder if that whole hot dog/spoon thing was supposed to be a reference to Daley’s sexual orientation.

    Speaking of “mad dog killer”, why hasn’t Marvel given Reb Brown his much-deserved MCU cameo yet?

    You should have used that Tick clip where he says, “Spelling ‘America’ with a K!”

  2. OK, I like saunas, but I struggle to concentrate on anything in those. Why would you plan an operation in there?

  3. When the boomers were combining I was actually reminded more of Sigma from Mega Man X than anything else.

    Ooh, Solid State Society, the TV series movie. And, weirdly enough, my favorite of the GITS movies.

  4. Uh, Uh, can I play too? Between December of 1988 and March 1997 110 episodes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes were produced. That’s 110 episodes in 100 months.

  5. MC Hammer in a 80s Anime…..I feel like I can go about my life happy how, knowing I have seen this 🙂

  6. LOL. There was also ‘iku, iku’ which translates as ‘to go’ but it is also what people shout during an orgasm. And was it 20 or 30 years?

  7. Hey Sage. I don’t know if you read these but I have a suggestion for an anime. It is called “Black Magic M-66”. It is a 40-minute OVA from 1987 and it feels like an 80s anime take on the Terminator movie. I think it is a good candidate for a review.

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