Building A New Buster Part 3: Teaser Trailer

Check out a Sneek Peek of ERod’s New Upcoming Series.

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  1. This new show should be interesting. I’m totally willing to give it a chance. ^.^

  2. So it’s Demo Reel.

  3. Here’s hoping the re-vamped series is both creatively and financially rewarding, Eric.

  4. I can;t wait until you’re back, Eric. You’ve always been one of my favorite reviewers on here, mainly because you keep your opinions about things other then movies to yourself and stick to just reviewing crappy movies, which just makes your series one of the most enjoyable! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re cooking up and I look forward to having you back.

  5. Hmmmm, looks interesting! I’m willing to give it a look! Can’t wait to see the new series, Erod! 😀

  6. I’m guessing he’s moved away from Tallahasse to Gainesville, since his new production crew is stationed there. Either way, glad to see him getting a better production now, which means no more 480p video hopefully. And seeing he’s turned over the directorial and comedy reins to his best bud, I think he’s in good hands at last.

  7. I’ll give it a chance but I freely admit that I’ve actively skipped all of his live action attempts at entertainment. When Erod’s not reviewing a movie through clips he’s completely failed to entertain me.

    This preview suggests more Erod action and less review which doesn’t bode well for a viewer like myself. Those that absolutely love all the preamble and post review segments will be thrilled though. I’m just not that audience.

  8. Now that’s what I like to see! Taking the Reviews the Nostalgia Critic Level. I’ve been wanting to do the same but all I have for a concept is minor animation.

  9. I saw his part 4 on dailymotion. When I heard he mentioned this on youtube, all I can think of Is yes. Im praying this new format of the show will get him more patrons to help fund the show. He deserves all the help he can get. ROCK ON EROD!

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