Bush Grub Ant Chocolate – MikeJ

If you find the taste of ants unpleasant, then why waste some perfectly good chocolate by filling it with ants? MikeJ tries some Bush Grub Ant Chocolate.

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  1. “Can’t taste anything that shouldn’t be in there”

    I think that says more about the “normal” chocolate that we eat when we don’t realise how many bug bits could be mixed in…

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    *I wonder if I can get someone to eat this who wouldn’t know what would be in it* 99 percent I say grace your beautiful wife 1 percent I’ll say film brain

    Guess sometime today I’ll check out you and grace eating that unmentionable thing.

  3. It just seems all wrong to deliberately make chocolate with insects in. I mean, normally, if you found insects in your food, you’d send it back to the manufacturer with a letter of complaint or contact Trading Standards. The whole idea is messing with my world view.

  4. eating ants is no big deal

  5. Grody, grody, gross. You brave man. LOL.

  6. Well, now I’ve seen it all. At least the ants have chocolate around them this time.

  7. No more shameful sequels?

  8. What a disgusting idea. Who’d want to eat white chocolate?

  9. Are they free range ants?

  10. Does anyone know the name of the song that plays over the credits (starting at 2:50)?

    Would love to hear the full song. Been on that Mac Styran website but it’s none of the ones there 🙁

    Wish when people use a song in their work they would actually name the one used! :p

  11. get Film Brain to eat them.

  12. I’ve seen fried crickets in a packet being sold at Universal Orlando Resort in one of the closest to the entrance souvenir shops, true story.

  13. Mike I just recently watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, fondly reliving the Indian dinner scene on screen at the Pankot Palace where all the thuggees eat their “fancy meal” like Snake Surprise, and I thought yeah that’s the movie and it’s creators liked it in 84, extra disgusting for poor Willie Scott and Short Round while Indy, British Captain Blumburtt, and pretending not to be a thuggee Chattar Lal talk about the evil history of India’s most sinister religious cult, while hardly noticing the fucking gross disgusting food these Raji Indians are serving and eating. And that poor although villianous Soviet Russian officer Colonel Dovchenko in The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull after Indy delivered the final punch falls down and gets devoured by Amazonian killer red ants is just horrendous, no one deserves such a fate even bad people in my honest opinion. So I guess eat ants before they eat you depending on which species category they fall into.

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