Buzz Lightyear of Star Command – Disneycember

Buzz stars in his own movie kick starting his show. Can it go to Infinity and Beyond? Doug takes a look at Buzz Lightyear of Star Command!

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  1. I used to watch this movie all the time. I loved the show too. This brought great memories back. Even as a kid, I loved cheesy stuff. ^.^

  2. I can recognize some of Wayne Knight’s voice.

  3. They should of done a movie for Woody after this.

  4. Cinnamon Scudworth

    Now travel to another dimension and review this one!

  5. If you are doing this one I hope you do the Kim Possible movies

    • That seems unlikely, since the Kim Possible movies were made for TV and they aren’t based on an existing movie franchise the way that Aladdin, Lilo & Stitch, Buzz Lightyear and the like were. I don’t know if Doug has even seen Kim Possible. He’s never mentioned it in any of his videos.

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Heck no I didn’t know there was a movie on this but I remembered that there was a cartoon and I used to watch it. Ah childhood memories and of courses the show was great.cill definitely go back through the whole series and watch it but I’ll check the movie out first and screw paying for it I’ll look it up online.

  7. I fucking loved the cartoon as a kid. I honestly forgot all about Booster but Nova and XR stuck with me (even if their names didn’t :p). The show was honestly a lot of fun and had some great villains (the Energy Vampire still remains one of the scariest villains I’ve ever watched in a cartoon). Funnily enough, the movie kind of scared me as a kid so I only watched it once, but you bet your bottom dollar that I would tune in every weekend to watch the cartoon. Man, watching this review makes me want to go back and rewatch the show now. Of the entire Toy Story universe, this was my favorite thing that ever came out of it.

  8. I never saw this but I remember catching half an episode on tv once and enjoying it just fine. I was past the target age though, so I never got into this series. However, part of me thinks I would have if I was a little younger at the time. The girl’s name is Nova, huh? I have no idea why I wanted to call her Mira then. The episode I caught part of starred her, but like I said I only caught it one time and then never again so I guess it’s not surprising that my memory of it is poor.

    • Her full name is Mira Nova, and she was the only member of the main cast not to made into a toy. As a character, Mira was kind of a disappointment. First, her being an alien was an interesting take, but then Disney makes the only female character in the cast yet another princess, because goodness knows Disney has never done that before! Then on top of that, she’s another stereotypical rebellious princess with a strict father and no mother. Been there, seen that.

      I never saw the movie, but I saw a few episodes of the TV show (in which Patrick Warburton took over for Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz) and it just didn’t do it for me. XR had some amusing moments, but the show was “Meh”, overall. It makes a little more sense knowing that the show was an intentionally cheesy homage to cheesy Saturday morning cartoons about space heroes, and that may have worked as a fun special, but not as an endless series.

  9. The Real Silverstar

    Again, the comments here are making me feel so old. I have no nostalgic attachment to this particular franchise, as I was too old for it; I had joined the workforce by the time the Buzz Lightyear series came around, so I only ever caught fleeting glimpses of it. What I saw of this looked kind of generic: square-jawed hero, comical robot (though I do remember XR making me laugh sometimes), big comic relief alien (Booster was easily the weakest character, IMO; Doug didn’t mention that Booster was voiced by Stephen Furst, aka Flounder from National Lampoon’s Animal House and Fan Boy from Freakazoid!) and the token female, who’s–surprise, surprise!–a princess. But Mira Nova was voiced by the great Niclole Sullivan, whom I’ve liked ever since MAD TV, so there was that.

    The whole thing struck me as being run-of-the-mill, but I guess it’s like Doug mentioned: perhaps how generic it was part of the joke, since this was based on the fictional universe of Buzz’s toy line.

  10. Wow, you actually liked this one! I’m glad you feel that way. This doesn’t seem good at all. I guess I just hold “Toy Story” to a very high regard. Is Emperor Zurg still Buzz’s father? Or was that just a joke in the second movie?

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