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  1. What’s the matter Angry Joe? Your precious “Man of Steel” sequel didn’t live up well?

    I point and laugh at your misery. Maybe this is karma for being a terrible reviewer of video games. XD

    • Shut up jack off.

      • But he can’t masturbate so long as Superman has more powers than Lightning-chan and Ichigo-kun.

        • MidnightScreeningsman2014

          I give you a middle finger of epic ness for you being such a big a-hole*and all*!!!!

        • I love the fact that you go out of your way to just to annoy me when that’s not even going to affect me whatsoever.

          Hilarious, but pathetic cannedfury

          • What’s the matter Heart-Lightning? Your precious “Final Fantasy XIII” sequel didn’t live up well? I point and laugh at your misery. Maybe this is karma for being a terrible fanboy of hackneyed waifus. XD

            Oops, I mean, uh… I am a stylish anime character who is too mature and badass for these childish games. I am amused by your pathetic attempts to match my power, and it is hilarious that you think you are on the same plane as I. You thought you could hit me with your mockery but I moved super fast like and appeared behind you to say, “Fool, I am behind you.”

            Seriously, get help.

          • Oh god, you are still trying to do this? Man, this is actually really pathetic of you cannedfury. The one who clearly needs help is you. There is no way someone this immature (you) actually thinks this is going to be some sort of victory.

            Man, I have to laugh at your sad sorry state. XD

          • Hmph, your attacks are pathetic and could never hurt someone with power levels such as mine. ^_^ I am so smart and unaffected by your skill that I must respond every time to explain it has dealt -9999 damage (which instead heals me). XD

            You are so immature, I shall laugh at you! Ha ha ha! >_< Now begone, cur (that means dog), before I reveal my true powers (I am max level in every Square game) and you are blown away like so much Pocky dust. 😉

          • The only one who is immature is you and it’s quite obvious why. Stop trying and learn to come up with some better come backs than “I’m going to pretend to be a noob and weeb’.

          • Did… did you just start legitimately start arguing with a sarcastic impression of yourself? Did I just watch you invent Idiotception?

            See, the joke was I was pretending to be you and you keep living up to it in the world’s saddest, self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s only possible if you have a thick enough skull full of denial to start a thread hurling insults and declare yourself mature. That’s why every last one of your responses come down to, “Ha, it is not I who am acting like a pathetic, delusional weeb who needs help, it is YOU! And also it is YOU who need more comebacks! What’s irony?”

            We’ve all seen you blow up and cuss out strangers in the past, so of course you’re also obsessed with declaring you can never be annoyed. Not even you can believe you’re that stupid, even when you should. You’re predictable, but… even I didn’t predict witnessing a new dimension of retarded through you.

            I’m sorry for clogging up the comments, everybody, but I think this was a worthwhile case study. We’re all pioneers now.

          • *Did… did you just start legitimately arguing

            Oh, no… please tell me I miss-typed that out of excitement and not because it’s contagious!

    • Wow…scha·den·freu·de. Look it up. It’s not a nice quality to have.

      Joe…I’m sorry. 🙁

    • In this self-insertion fanfic you’ve been writing in the comments section, you’re supposed to be the dashing hero and paragon of morality while everybody who calls you out is a troll. Have you ever stopped to think you’re actually just Chris-chan levels of creepy delusional, and maybe you should just get treatment for it instead of justifying every last insult hurled your way?

    • the children on this site dont enjoy arguments heart-lightning. i agree though, joe isnt the best but i still like him despite his flaws. also comic book movies are inherently flawed and i don’t enjoy a single one. joe doesnt need the defense of you people though, realistically he probably doesnt even read these comments. and havent you heard to not feed the trolls? if you really think hes trolling then why respond?

  2. Now they just showed too much. Why they don’t seem to be able to make trailers that don’t spoil too much anymore. I don’t mind about Doomsday being in this even if I am not really thrilled to see him.

    • At least it isn’t quite as bad as Terminator Salvation which showed the biggest twist in the movie in the trailer and on the back of the box.

    • That isn’t that obvious yet.. Scene with WW and Doomsday look exactly like cliffhanger, so it could be similar case like with Rhino in Amazing Spiderman 2. Publishers are stupid but they should learn that hiding big reveal matter and so I think.. hope that they just screw with they watchers to cover exact plot of movie.

  3. …It could be worse. It could have been Darkseid.

  4. I couldn’t wait for your reaction video. Actually I watched it already on Youtube just when you uploaded it. I kept refreshing your site since the trailer was released, had to wait long but it was worth it 😀
    I already thought the movie is gonna be shit since the first scene of the new trailer. Affleck is fucking it up as Batman as well, his acting didn’t convince me at all. He is playing it like Batman when he is supposed to show the more playboyish funny Bruce Wayne, he is not putting in the contrast needed for Bruce Wayne. Cavil also didn’t get the part about Clark not acting like Superman, but we’ll see how that plays out. I liked Jesse Eisenberg at first, I was wrong about him, here it finally shows how ridiculous his perfomance is gonna be. Gal Gadot was a lost chase for me from the begining. I personally don’t hate that they put Doomsday in it. It’s the same as with Ultron, there won’t be enought movies to do every villian justice, some just have to end up as throwaway characters.
    Still gonna watch the movie thou, just hope it’s so bad it’s good or at least watchable.

  5. …It might not be Doomsday. I mean he looks like him, but he is a mutated Kryptonian, so it might actually be Bizarro. Or maybe it’ll be revealed that real Doomsday is even more dangerous than Zod!guy.

  6. This is DC so my standards for them is low. I thought it was ok.

  7. It seem like Batman/Superman is making the same mistake as Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer and introducing Galactus too early. It does feel too early for Doomsday, although better Doomsday than Darksied, still its just a huge mistake either way.

  8. Have Darkseid kill Superman. That simple.

    • Actually…that’s not a horrible idea…

      If it was done right, but you would have to do it on Apokolips, since we know Superman can beat Darkseid on Earth.

      And introducing that place would be a movie in and of itself.

      DC is too impatient for that shit, they need to get the Justice League up and running NOW, NOW, NOW!

      They don’t have time to do things right!

  9. After I saw it I knew, DC wants that Avengers money NOW!

    Also, why did they mash up Lex Luthor and the Joker?


  11. Well, the entire point of Doomsday is you can bring him back scarier later so it might lead right into those sequels. And saying the guy who needed a crossover to kill has upped his game would be a dramatic way to off Superman. More so than the rando monster in a gimp suit from the comics. But that might be giving the WB too much credit.

    • Yeah….no. Doomsday is a major character. He is not somebody you “trial-run”, and then bring him back serious later. That’s a waste. This whole thing was a wasted opportunity.

      • Is he? Because he had no character. And while that was the point, his presentation as a mindless beast was still hilariously terrible. He debuts as a pistoning gimp fist for several pages while the narration is all, “DOOMSDAY IS COMING! He’s coming so HARD, you guys!” Even the animated movies tossed him aside as a throwaway jobber to a main event. Repeatedly.

        It’s not that I’m optimistic about the movie, it’s that the bar is set so low, it is genuinely difficult to do worse. Doomsday being Zod’s vengeful, unkillable corpse would be such a step up from previous attempts. Way more than “generic plot device that killed Superman that one time.”

        Remember, gimp suit in full bondage.
        With an origin story where science gets violated even harder. Doomsday isn’t one of the characters with a dignified legacy to ruin.

  12. It’s so sad how DC hollywood has no sense of concepts like “BUILD-UP” and “ANTICIPATION”. By being so quick to rush into everything and cramming Batman Vs Superman, Justice League building, and now friggin’ Doomsday in (1) single movie? They’ve shot themselves in the foot bigtime!

    Not just because they won’t possibly have enough time to do justice to either of these events but, also in their future projects! So much for a Death of Superman movie that we all wanted to see. The only way it could be worse, is if they cramm that in too.

  13. Leif Roar Moldskred

    So with Doomsday, Lex Luthor’s plotting and the introduction of Wonder Woman — is the movie going to have any focus left to spend on the whole Superman vs. Batman thing?

    • That’s probably what dissapoints me the most about all this. All the hype and build-up of Batman Vs Superman, and it’s looking like the whole thing is going to get undercut bigtime! In order cramm everything else in.

      • I think they use cliffhanger cover..

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        What really bugs me about Doomsday being in this movie, though, is that it just seems like such a cop-out. Yes, sure, the superhero lore is rife with heroes starting out fighting each other and then having to band together to fight a common threat, but that only works when either the initial conflict was incidental — caused by a misunderstanding or unfortunate circumstances — or the truce has to be temporary, with the heroes going their separate way at the end, knowing that they’re likely to clash again in the future (any team-up with the Punisher, for instance.)

        You just _can’t_ sell the movie as “Batman vs. Superman” at the central theme and then have the underlying conflict resolved by the superhero version of “having a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.” It’s not like they even _need_ Doomsday plotwise — they’ve already _put_ Wonder Woman in the movie. They could use _her_ as the external factor that lets Batman and Superman break their log-jam. Imagine the movie turning into a three-way fight where Wonder Woman tries to subdue them _both_ and all three of them at the same time are trying to protect civilians from the carnage they’re creating, until they finally have to start talking and trusting each other.

  14. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I think with the flash and aquaman and cyborg being in this that this will end on a cliffhanger and it will set up for justice league and the whole thing about the 25 minute long battle sequence is actually against lex Luther and them trying to stop him from making this but I extremely doubt that(but hey have high hopes)!!!! This movie too totally ruined it for me with them using all that cgi and doomsday looking like a ninja turtle in all(like I said in Chris stuckmann’s video yesterday,obviously)! Hope you feel better joe,ignore that first a-hole commenter,and have high hopes and look forward to civil war and star wars the force awakens(I’m sure that’ll make you feel better and,yes,I’m sure of it;)

  15. …….does look like a Michael Bay turtle…..WTF? :-/

  16. This is by no means what Doomsday should be. This is the guy who killed Superman. This is huge to just have off hand in the film. The film is about Batman and Superman, why is Wonder Woman and Aquaman here, or any other hero? It feels like DC is hell bent on trying to make Avengers money that they don’t care about the slow burn it takes to get to that point.
    You also don’t do Doomsday justice with him being a giant cgi monster. BULLSHIT.

    Anybody notice these films had the big bad guy first though?
    Man of Steel: Zod
    Green Lantern: Paralax
    Suicide squad will have Joker

    Don’t rush, slow burn gets people hyped and in the seats when it finally happens.

  17. You can’t please anyone.

  18. So Willy Wonka uses leftover cgi from Incredible Hulk to fight off Superman, Batman and Gal Gadot doing bad cosplay of Wonder Woman.

  19. Man, that’s a raw deal, Joe….I’m really sorry, but I knew from the moment they announced Batfleck, this was gonna suck ass. Seeing this trailer just means I won’t watch it even if friends try to drag me to see it for free. I don’t like this Lex Luthor either, he’s a total dickcheese.

    Ands you’re right, WB just got too eager and just blew their load via their trailers. There’s literally no point whatsoever in paying for admission because the trailers are now your bargain-bin wikileaks to how the movie’s gonna play out. Oh well, in about 5 years time, Disney will have done the world a favor and bought out DC, then they can get a proper reboot and freaking do things right.

  20. I agree Doomsday is a horrible idea.

    However, people keep wanting Bizzaro instead, which is fine.

    But, why not Brainiac?

  21. I thought the gun batman was holding was just his grapple. I can’t see it clearly in the other shots of him roping around, but it looks kind of gun like

  22. The only idea worse than this movie was keeping your entire dialogue in a tiny box in the corner.

  23. Well at least you’re not in denial, thinking “yeah finally its great that they put Doomsday”. I won’t say im wasn’t a little viciously happy to see react the Doomsday’s appearance.
    But now, at least, you see.

  24. Joe, you’re making the same mistake so many fan(boy)s make. You’re asking the film to do what you want or wish instead of letting it surprise you. You didn’t want doomsday in this film, and so he’s the worst part of the trailer for you. I don’t get this attitude. Will I be pissed if force unleashed only has luke make a cameo? No. He’s my fave character, but part of the fun in movies is letting the film makers work and being surprised. I loved MoS and i have faith in this project. If come march the film sucks, I’ll apologize, but instead of asking the film makers to get a good director to bring your internal fanfiction to life, i say just go in there and be surprised. DC is killing it with their tv series right now, i believe they will do so with this movie.

    I like lex’s introduction. He’s so gleefully smashing the fourth wall, i love it. I also liked the “clowns dressed as vigilante’s” line.

    The action looks off the hook. This is going to be an epicly awesome action film. And i’m glad they are moving fast. The marvel cinematic universe moves too damn slow in my opinion, im glad to see DC taking a more aggressive approach. As much fun as Age of Ultron was, it was 50% setup for future movies.

    • Sorry, I meant force awakens. 🙂

    • The thing is, Star Wars actually invents something, even if sometimes its shitty. Snyder only picks things he liked here and there and puts them into his movie. He does’nt come with original ideas or his own plot.
      So yeah, im okay with letting Star Wars surprise me because i KNOW its gonna surprise me. Just as i know Bat V Sup won’t.

      Just look at the shots on Star Wars trailer and the ones in this trailer. You can see when artists put some efforts into their work. The still shot with the trinity is freaking lame.

  25. You guys are right, doomsday looks like a slightly spikier version of a Michael Bay ninja turtle. Speaking of which, where are his awesome chin spikes and creepy white hair from the comics? I don’t understand, his original design is fine. Did they deem it too cartoonish for their, oh so realistic comic book movie? Whatever, I not really excited for this movie either way.

  26. the film will be terrible, yet I predict joe will still love it.

  27. I didn’t even need to watch this click bait, let me guess:
    – Joe is crying and yelling because he thinks the monster is Doomsday
    – Joe is crying and yelling because Batman carries a gun, yet nobody knows what type of gun it is,
    and it was surely for the purpose of defeating Superman, which he knows he can’t kill

    Which makes Joe as dumb as his audience.

  28. I knew this movie was in trouble as soon as I heard the title. No movie with the word “vs.” in the title has ever been good in the history of cinema.

  29. After sleeping on it I still don’t like the trailer and my diminished expectations are still at the bare minimum. How much is left to excite us? Yes fans will enjoy seeing their heroes and nothing is wrong with that. But even though most super hero stories we watch them for the surprises and the twists they can make on a predictable formula especially in this fast moving Justice league film. We already have an Avengers so this needs to stand out.

    I think the biggest take away is that the trailer turned a lot of us off by introducing an Abomination/ninja turtle hybrid for Doomsday and little focus on the actual title plot, not to mention the deprivation of anything to look forward to in the film, the magic is lost. Will it make money? Sure. This wont be a disaster like Green Lantern but there is no question that as fast as this is moving to catch up to Marvel, this is playing it safe and running scared getting their concerning revealed.

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