Calling It Now, Ep.02: Toradora

And you thought resting b*tch face only affected women…

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  1. Ah Toradora. I really like this one so I know how this anime is actually going to end and it’s far more predictable than either of your theories.

  2. Got 100% on this one 😀 And no, I’ve never seen Toradora, nor do I plan to.

  3. I got 1 point. I really sucked this time around. O.O

  4. Got all of them, really tropy this one.

    Also got to congratulate you on the idea for this series. You basically took out everything difficult about reviewing anime (production research, reading the source material etc.) got rid of it and make THAT the gimmick of your series.

  5. I got all of them right this time, although my first thought was that the woman was his older sister instead of his mother, and both parents were dead. I’ve seen both scenarios.

    The main character is interesting to me, but I’m wary of this anime because I have very little patience for the hyper-violent tsundere trope these days.

    Very excited to see what you’ll cover next!

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