Calling It Now, Ep.03: Those Who Hunt Elves

Ah, the 90’s! When fishmen were fishmen and schoolgirls rode tanks!

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  1. Schoolgirls riding tanks? Does this mean that someday we might get Girls und Panzer at this series?

  2. they used to advertise this in Dungeon magazine. This has the D&D stamp of approval.

  3. Got 3/5…. I’m not happy.

  4. I got two right. This looks like something I would actually be interested in. Also, I love that you have been using a Sleigh Bells song as your outro.

  5. Bought the first volume of this from a FYE for seven bucks back in 2011. Loved it ever since.

  6. Not sure whether the video recognized this or not but quint-section, is formed like bi-section (cut into two), quint meaning five, cut into five pieces, so of course the spell ended up on five different elves, again maybe you realized that maybe you even said that and I just did not hear you but whatever.

    I’ve never actually seen this show but I knew it by reputation since my most focused anime watching etc. period was late 90s, early 2000s.

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