Calling It Now, Ep.04: Deltora Quest

Stone the flaming crows! An anime with ties to me mates across the Tasman!

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  1. Fucking LOVED the books! Also enjoyed the anime!

  2. YES! I got like 4 right! I did pretty well for a change! I am pleasantly surprised! I liked that White Stripes reference by the way. Friendly suggestion: Maybe you should say how many points are possible or maybe I’m just ditzy and missed it if you said so.

  3. I really want to tell Suede how close or far off his guesses were at the end, though my knowledge comes from the books and I don’t know if the anime changes anything

    • It was mentioned that the studio that made the anime agreed with the writer to not change a thing (or at least make the most minor of changes that doesn’t affect the story). But thing to do is to start watching, I guess. 😀

  4. Got 3/5.

    Also, there are plenty of Western children literature that was adapted into anime. Thing is though they mostly appeared in the 80’s (if I’m not mistaken). Just a couple I can remember:

    -Grimm’s Fairy Tales
    -Anne of Green Gables
    -Fortunate Fawn / The Yearling
    -Call of the Wild

  5. You have got to continue watching. It’s corny but it’s also got some interesting twists. The characters get better as time goes on and it’s not as cut and dry as you think.

  6. i did read the books first in the Netherlands and it was really awsome i did also have special eidition books like legends and monsters of Deltora Quest 😀

    and i did watch the anime and i did like it 😀

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