Calling It Now, Ep.05: Ghost Hunt

So a Priest, a Monk, a Shrine Maiden and a Celebrity Psychic walk into an abandoned building…

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  1. That is generally problem with most of Japanese paranormal investigation anime. It is because despite being mostly atheist (more the 60%) Japanese in fact tend to still support paranormal believes and so many shows has twists like “it isn’t ghost, that would be outrageous! Obviously those were psychic powers” 0_0. Or at best tend to mix those elements but mostly investigators fight real ghosts anyway. Generally only show I know where all cases have logic explanation (yes, usually ludicrous like nazi experiments but still) was anime Vatican Miracle Examiner (though it has sometimes odd stylistic choices). Sometimes I think that Japanese simply don’t understand those kind of shows and how cool trying guess the solution based on well placed clues can be.

    • Or maybe the Japanese just like ghost stories, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • What that has to do with understanding of the genre? Though it has quite a lot with lack of understanding of the subject from your side. Liking ghost stories and poor writing are two separate subjects. Do you think if I wouldn’t like ghost stories I would care to reply?

        • I don’t understand you, you like ghost stories, yet you want logical explanations, and think supernatural elements are crappy.

          • From when that is contradiction? But what is the point in explaining how horror work to someone who think that it is all about monsters and jump-scares.

          • I don’t think that all horror is about monsters and jump-scares. (Nice of you to assume that by the way.) But it sounds to me from your recent comment below that you take these kinds of stories too seriously about paranormal investigation itself, rather than it’s actual writing.

            Its just an anime about hunting ghosts, its nothing to get that worked up about.

          • I just play Welshguy card now and play dumb ignoring the point of the debate to build strawman. Blame that idiot 0_0

          • Look mate, calm down alright.

            You obviously really do like the Paranormal Investigations, and I do understand where you’re coming from, you think the show is not completely scientific accurate to actual paranormal investigations.

            But its not that the Japanese don’t understand the genre, or how science works. Its just more interesting to have a paranoia investigator finding ghosts and psychics and solving the problems, rather than have the obstacles of real life get in the way.

          • Dude, seriously.. stop with that STRAW-MAN!

            I just point out clear issue witch many Japanese paranormal investigation shows related to generality of paranormal believes in this country, what impact on legitimacy of pop-scientific characters and that many people were off put not even by paranormal elements but who bring those as solution.

            You seriously used own opinion as argument to attack claims I never did said about “my hatred toward paranormal elements and this show” or shit.. I’m not exactly sure what your delusion conceived here and to be hones I don’t care.

            Show is mediocre at best. I don’t either like or hate it. Just think that it waste its potential by making character what could be serious counterbalance to fantastic, a someone who is only cliched and bland token, and that is a issue about which many people outside my complained. I more a explain why it is that way before you butthurt outrage.

            Anyway, from now one I treat you as a troll if you simply can’t shut the f*k up after you obviously can’t even answer to subject of the debate. I’m out 0_0

  2. I remember this one. I watched it a few years back, and there were some really creepy episodes. There was one about a murderous ghost targeting GollyGeeWhillikers, another about Smolder setting up the deaths of an entire school to stop a curse, another about the ghost of a child waiting for his parents to find him…

    We weren’t that sold on the opening episodes, either, but kept watching. It’s a good series for those chilly late October nights.

  3. A friend and I watched the first 3 episodes as well. We could not place it. We actually were fine with it going back and forth between supernatural and mundane causes, though the final ‘it was “medium rare girl” all along’ was a little off putting. In the end we couldn’t decide if we liked it or not and so put it on the shelf for later. Three years later it is still there.

    • I think that people would have slightly better opinion about show if other investigators would conclude that the cause is psychic in the pilot, and Smolder “yeh, what ever, I have nothing”. Because him making this conclusion destroy his whole credibility and tip over power balance between rational and believe. Because of that even mixed show can’t be threaten seriously.

      • I think you’re taking this show WAY too seriously. Its just an anime with supernatural elements, its not trying to prove anything.

        • And I think you miss my point.

          • Then tell me, what is this so called, “power balance” between rational and believe.

            And how this show can’t be threatened seriously.

          • Ok, I presume now that you simply are ignoramus and not troll pointlessly.

            Anyway bad science is bad writing. If you bring science then you need understand its principalities (at least until you do that for comedic purpose). Scientist try explain phenomenon what in case in paranormal is impossible. So either science do have rational explanation or don’t have explanation at all.

            Psychic powers aren’t scientific and “scientific” character basically lost any credibility with bringing that up. He basically from that point is just kid with pricey toys who pretend that he know what the doing.

            Anyway I don’t mind if show is about kids or monks fighting spirits or even using open interpretation of events, but if you bring elements of paranormal investigation genre then you need fallow standards. This show simply doesn’t do that.. I have seriously Prometheus flashbacks now with most stupid pseudo-scientists in entire universe.

          • Look I know what you’re saying, but again I think you’re taking this anime too seriously.

          • So if you do they why you argue? Because that is exactly what is “taking things too serious”, when I totally have right to be irritated on some douchbag attacking my for no reason 0_0

      • I think the first arc is easily the show’s weakest and sets the wrong tone going forward, the rest of the series is less about paranormal investigation and more about solving haunting cases with ghosts being treated as absolutely real in this world.

  4. Got 4/5

    I think shows like this would be more interesting if the characters solved ghost mysteries that turned out to be caused by a natural phenomena or by someone using tricks. No, I’m not talking about Scooby-Doo.

    • Well.. there is a reason why Scooby Doo is still on air despite that almost everything else from Hannah Barbera died. The one huge issue of that show was that it didn’t provide proper clues for mystery, but otherwise that is cream and butter of mystery shows.

  5. For a second there I thought this was “Ghost Stories”. The 2000 anime which was so poorly reviewed that the English dub is a complete joke/parody.

  6. I liked Ghost Hunt. When it starts off, it feels more cliche than it actually becomes. As the series unfolds, it focuses more on the stories themselves – and yes, the show is about genuine supernatural phenomena – Real Ghosts – and some of them are downright creepy (There’s one that’s really sad – an orphan kid who cannot speak dies, and the crew have to figure out what happened to him). The stories are all a few episodes long, and are largely self-contained, so you can pick up at the beginning or stop watching at the end of an arc. There is some character development, but basically, it mostly centers around how each member of the team learns to contribute in their own unique way. Unless there’s a second season I haven’t seen, the romance elements don’t really go anywhere; they’re just part of the POV girl’s perspective.

  7. I love Ghost Hunt! I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal sciences and I was even in a ghost hunting club in college. With those experiences, I can safely say that Ghost Hunt is the closest to accurate paranormal investigations I’ve ever seen in anime. True, you don’t find a ghost or paranormal occurrence on EVERY SINGLE INVESTIGATION you do (and yes, there is always a ghost afoot in every case) but the idea of ghost hunting is to tackle the paranormal from a scientific angle. Naru’s deduction that the school house may be showcasing bizarre phenomena due to the foundation of the school subtly sinking is an excellent example that ghost hunters know going in that it isn’t always going to be supernatural and that oftentimes, it may just be something as simple as dust or animals or the building settling that is responsible for these events. Paranormal investigators also utilize a lot of equipment as shown in the anime, such as cameras, sensors, voice recorders, and EMF readers to gather as much potential evidence as possible. Ghost hunting is predominantly waiting for something to happen and then spending hours going over all evidence to see if you caught anything unusual and if it is indeed something supernatural. Yeah, the ghost hunting world is not as romantic as Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures may make it seem. This show does an excellent job of educating people on the wonderful field of paranormal sciences, investigation, and exorcism practices. I actually learned a lot from this show. In terms of the more technical aspects of the anime, the music is really good (even if the opening and ending animation are bland as hell; though they did try to spice it up a little in the second half of the series by adding a few creepy ghost faces and stuff in the background of the OP) and the dub is also really well done (I’ve only seen the first episode subbed). Cherami Leigh, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Travis Willingham, Todd Haberkorn, J. Michael Tatum, Jad Saxton, and Jason Liebrecht all give great performances. So in conclusion, I understand that Ghost Hunt is not an anime for everyone, but it is in my opinion one of the most unique horror titles out there and is well worth at least one watch through. If you have any interest whatsoever in how paranormal investigations/sciences work, definitely check this out. I know I’ll watch it again (for the 25th time) :D.

    • “True, you don’t find a ghost or paranormal occurrence on EVERY SINGLE INVESTIGATION you do”
      You mean any? Because usually when you really find ghost it mean that you simply failed to find proper explanation. Sorry, I don’t want to be asshole but you are exact example of people who shouldn’t perform ghost hunting, or at least being more then stagehand or TV entertainer. Because even if we believe in paranormal excluding rational explanation if important for proper identification, as it make believe solid.. but stil not a fact.

      That show commit crime of mixing real stuff with crappy supernatural elements. After all if ghost in TV series are real it make whole work pointless and scientist look like douches. If we bring fantasy then we should make full use of it.

      • So I take it then you hated Ghostbusters then? Since ghosts are real and a proven fact in that world as well?

        Also you may not want to be an asshole, but you are acting like one since you REALLY wanted to shut Lilith up, let him believe what he wants, heck I believe in ghosts too, since I seen them.

        • Was Ghostbusters a paranormal instigation show or you are asshole just for purpose of being asshole? Attacking strawman is what make you sound dumb though, heck “heck I believe in ghosts too, since I seen them” this sentence itself destroy any of your credibility. Mostly because of blatant contradiction in it. So nicely I ask.. f*k off 0_0

          • Fuck man, why are you desperate to shut people up. If you don’t believe in ghosts, you don’t believe in ghosts, and that’s fine.

            And to answer your question, while Ghostbusters was not about a TV show, it was still about scientists trying to prove to the world that ghosts were real. In other words, not making scientists douches.

          • No. I simply don’t bother to talk with assholes who are so desperate to attack straw-man instead addressing the f*g point 0_0

            And no.. Ghostbusters was a comedy what make a jokes about scientist who discovered that ghost are literally real thing. You obliviousness to that obvious fact is downright hilarious 0_0

          • Again with the whole “attacking straw-man thing” (Rolls Eyes). Yeah keep telling yourself that.

            The only point I can see you making, is that you can’t stand it when people in real life or fiction acknowledge ghosts. .

            Yes science says Ghosts are not fact (Science also said once upon a time said that dinosaurs didn’t have feathers before someone discovered otherwise.) But you lashing out on Lilith over this is not excusable. If he wants to continue ghost-hunting, then let him be. He might not be changing the face of science, (and I don’t think he wants too anyway) but isn’t it more important that he enjoys his hobby.

            Also Ghostbusters is a comedy, but the story is still about them trying to prove that ghosts are real (especially in Ghostbusters 2), and busting them of course, and eventually saving the world. Just because its a comedy doesn’t mean it should be automatically dismissed.

          • “Again with the whole “attacking straw-man thing” (Rolls Eyes). Yeah keep telling yourself that.”
            So in short you are Monty Python dark knight. You were ultimately destroyed and yet you insist that you still relevant laying on the ground. No comment.

            “The only point I can see you making, is that you can’t stand it when people in real life or fiction acknowledge ghosts. ”
            Yes, and that is a straw-man as I never said anything like that 0_0

            “Science also said once upon a time said that dinosaurs didn’t have feathers before someone discovered otherwise”
            That is probably that same science in which Smolder specialize here, as that is completely made up claim like most of your “arguments” 0_0

            “If he wants to continue ghost-hunting, then let him be.”
            I only said that his stance is against principalities of such groups. Lets use as example MUFON to avoid bias. MUFON is group of real scientist versifying data of UFO (mostly water phenomena researchers and black aircraft experts). Most UFO investigators respect them because by they skepticism, as they can easily remove false data and make those few unexplained cases worth even more. This same goes with the paranormal investigation what is unofficial part of science. The purpose of paranormal investigators is to debunk all cases what clearly aren’t paranormal. If someone cant separate science from own believes he become more a hoax or kids playing in ghost hunting then real investigator. And that is a problem to people who deal with that seriously.

            “but the story is still about them trying to prove that ghosts are real”
            No. Because they know that they are. That everyone else ignore them for comedic reason is one of the jokes here. You clearly don’t understand science dude.

            “Just because its a comedy doesn’t mean it should be automatically dismissed.”
            No one said that. But you clearly ignore the context to prove your biased position and that is what definitely should be discarded as demagogy.

  8. 3 wrong. 2 right (one of them being the Australian one somehow?!). That “Internet Future” joke was pretty funny as well. This anime is totally not up my alley though.

  9. Just first arc in this series is honestly my least favorite. The rest of the show features actual ghost stories, and those tend to be a lot more fun.

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