Calluna: Make Up! A Sailor Moon Retrospective: 1992 Anime Season 2

Calluna delves into the next part of her Sailor Moon Retrospective: the second season of the original anime, Sailor Moon R.

Well, this was a long time coming! Next up in the retrospective, I dive into the story of Season 2 of the Sailor Moon anime, aka Sailor Moon R. How well does a season with 1/3 of its content being filler hold up?

Time to take a closer look at the characters, old and new! What gets improved upon, and who gets pushed into more of a background character?

What sorts of changes were made by DiC for Season 2? Does the Viz Media dub honor the original? Find out more and let’s see the worst and best the Sailor Moon series has.

Just how much of the original manga story was changed in the anime adaption? Did having the anime be produced alongside the manga’s release impact how faithful the anime is?

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  1. Crossover Princess

    I’m pretty sure they cut the dinosaur episode because it was stupid and no one liked it. From what I heard they didn’t EVEN SEND IT TO DIC! Which is why it’s not on the ADV uncut box set.

    Personally I think it’s a so bad it’s good episode…I mean come they fight a volcano! How stupid is that!

    Also there was bit of trivia I wished you would have mentioned was that the replacement song for “Ai no Senshi” (Called “She’s got the power”) was sung by the same guy who sang “The Touch” from Transformers. I’m not even kidding!

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I find it very interesting how this video(including my comment) only has 2 comments meanwhile your other first two had 19 and 22 comments. It truly does suck how the other producers don’t get as many comments as Doug does but times change I guess is what it comes up to.

    Well besides that, I really enjoyed this second part and it’s a miracle that it came out before the new year. I really find it weird how the dub vs sub has moments cut out but that’s just America for you back in the day.

    I really would like more of your work to get recognized and hope this video gets more comments cause you really did put hard work into it. Enjoyable videos and can’t wait to see more.

    Also before I go, there is a website called that has an anime section and it has both the dic and viz media dubs of sailor moon r so if people in the comments would like to watch them that’s the website to go to

  3. I remember seeing Part 1 of this about a year ago so I figured I would check this one out as well. Also, the blue Spectre Sister looks like Elsa from Frozen. Haha.

    Again, I really like the Dic version since it’s pure nostalgia for me. It’s just so craptastic at times and I love it. ^.^

    Your “lecture” on Chibiusa’s hair/eye color made me laugh so much.

  4. I think the biggest thing I remember from this season is Sailors Mercury and Venus switching places in terms of awesomeness. Mercury went from lame bubbles to a pretty cool and powerful attack that was actually useful, and Venus went from a crescent beam that was somewhat nerfed from her reveal episode where it’s super OP but was still pretty awesome for the time she had it, to a love chain that’s not as bad as bubbles but is still pretty bad.

    Oh, and there’s dark future stuff that’s kind of cool, adult Reenie/Chibiusa is pretty hot, and as I saw season 3 before this one, I never knew Pluto appeared before Uranus and Neptune. Also, a classic scene from season 1 of Bleach reminds me an awful lot of the scout’s trip through the time gate, so much so that I wonder if it was an intentional reference.

    Even though it’s been a while since your last retrospective, I really appreciate these Calluna. I saw the original dub many years ago, and have no intention of watching the series again in any form or reading the manga, largely because I’ve come to avoid long anime/manga in general, and only have so much testosterone to spare for one long term girl’s series, which in recent years I’ve chosen to reserve to balance out my irrational infatuation with a show about colourful anthropomorphic horse-like creatures. However, both this and Suede’s Pokemon retrospective allow me to at least revisit anime from my childhood without having to actually go back and revisit it in full capacity, and I’m learning a lot of new things I never knew before about both series, especially here.

  5. I’m really glad for that review, as my experience with Sailor Moon ended on firs season. Even when I watch Cristal I couldn’t go past that plot.

  6. Big fan of Sailor Moon, so thanks for this series Calluna!

    As a non-American I find it interesting to see your take on this series, especially the references that aren’t obvious to me :p
    I never saw the English dubbed version (saw it in Japanese, French and German instead) therefore the sub vs dub is fun, mainly to see what parts got cut out
    American censorship always baffles me, because I grew up seeing more adult anime (Hokuto no Ken, City Hunter, …) in kid’s TV shows and no one batted an eyelid (hey, it was the 80’s!)

    The Sentai connection is obvious, especially the “monster of the week” formula, however when Sailor Moon was first broadcast in ’93 on French TV it was described as Saint Seiya for girls: instead of 5 boys putting on armour, you got 5 girls in sailor outfits. It worked on me, I was hooked on Sailor Moon from the start.

    The “Naru in danger” counter was obvious, but necessary in the first 2 seasons. Maybe you could add a “Mamoru loses his memories/gets brainwashed” counter instead?

  7. Yay, another retrospective! I very much enjoyed the last one, and even checked out the anime for the first time afterwards. This round was also great, and I look forward to the next one.

  8. I’m curious to see the episodes on season 3, Hotaru is my favorite

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