Calluna: Make Up! Sailor Moon Retrospective Introduction

In this introduction video, Calluna gives a quick timeline of the major events that have happened in Sailor Moon’s 20 year history, as she begins her retrospective on the Sailor Moon franchise.

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  1. i’m such a mega-huge fan of Sailor-Moon., I remember watching the series in the 90’s., I even owned some Sailor-Moon dolls., one of which is missing a leg., as well as a RPG book., this anime/manga will always have a special place in my heart.,,.

  2. OMG Sailor Moon!

    I was in my senior year of high school when the DiC dub of Sailor Moon started in the states and my friends convinced me to watch it saying it was Power Rangers and all of them are hot chicks. It took me a couple of episodes to get into and I think I finally became a fan when Neflite died ;_;

    My girlfriend and I are watching through the new Viz dub, but I’m always going to have a soft spot for the DiC dub since I was exposed to that first. If there’s something I do prefer about the DiC dub, it was the really AWESOME vocal insert songs like My Only Love, Carry On, Rainy Day Man, etc.

    Great video Calluna and this brings back memories of ThatChickWithTheGoogles’ old retrospective video from back in the day. 🙂

  3. I didn’t realize it had a live action musical version(but why am I not surprised BLEACH, ONE PIECE, NARUTO, Death Note(and etc…) all live action musicals) I do have have the live action series but I haven’t been slightly embarrassed to watch it yet.

  4. Wow! I’m glad someone else is tackling this huge series! A while back, I decided to start a project in which I would make one video per season of the original anime (my first attempt at ever making a video) and I have to say, I think you’ve tackled this really well! I look forward to seeing how you put your video together!

  5. Go Calluna!

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wow I didn’t know they had new animation for crystal(and now you’ve made me want to see it thanks). This is really cool and im glad you finally got the top spot on channel awesome and glad your getting more comments(but let’s hope next let’s play gets more comments that’d make me very happy). I actually do remember watching a lot of the sailor moon am-bridged series when I was clip and since you brought that clip up in the video it brought back a lot of memory’s of how funny that was(will totally have to check that as well as transformations from the japenese live action series). Great video can’t wait to see where you go with this and will totally catch up on my sailor moon fix for this series(though I also said I’d watch the new power rangers series mega force but that probably won’t happen I’ll just watch all of black nerds reviews on every episode in that season so that will also take long)!!!

  7. Yay props for using a clip from SMA!! \(^O^)/

    I got into Sailormoon around 1994, when my older brothers and I started collecting imported Japanese hobby & anime magazines; pinups and screen caps of the first arc were all over those! Subsequently, Antarctic Press did an issue of their Mangazine series, with fast copy & paste translations along with character model sheets directly from those magazines. So I learned of all their Japanese names before the DiC version came out. Needless to say, when I first saw the “premiere” on Fox kids (it was the 1st ep of the 2nd season), it felt like I was watching a 12 minute anime with Captain N dialogue over it.

    The first time I saw that video of Saban Moon was around 1999 when I went to the Art Institute. That was definitely a glorious train wreck to behold; almost had another Captain N feel to it. I remember my attempt to troll the next users of that very pc in the lab, by downloading that video and relabeling it, “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! DO NOT WATCH THIS!” as reverse-psychology click-bait.

    I got into Sailormoon doll customizing during my stint at art school; I wounded up collecting more dolls (they were on sale) than I was able to have kept up with. To this day, I have more than 50 unfinished dolls, including the 6″ and 11.5″ editions from 1996 Bandai U.S., 1997-8 Irwin ( the ugly faces), 2001 Irwin, some Bandai Asia, Japan and Giochi Preziosa (sorry can’t remember the company name exactly) from Italy. I have a boatload of SM stuff collected throughout the years, yet they don’t measure up to the amount of the next hardcore collector!

    Fun fact: in one the early volumes of Mixx/TokyoPop’s translation of the graphic novels, Naoko drew the faces of the American Sailor Venus and Queen Beryl dolls! She said that they looked funny, but the idea of having Beryl as a doll was cool. She also recounted having seen a bit of the DiC’d dub while staying at a hotel in the U.S., saying that “Usagi’s voice is too low!” (she probably didn’t catch any of the dubbed names :p)

    • As far as Crystal goes, it’s a hit-and-miss for me. At least Mamoru is likeable & actually has special powers. Rei is just as cool as her manga counterpart, only without the slight prone to irritability. I really couldn’t get past 90’s anime Rei being a tsundere trope. Speaking of, there’s no internal conflict or slapstick gags in Crystal! It’s only downplayed between Usagi & ChibiUsa (who but the way, is super adorable and much more likeable, compared to 90’s ChibiUsa and her psychotic behavior during her first appearance). Save for the fact that they kept her Electra complex for Mamoru. At least in the 90s version, the image of Black Lady kissing Mamoru was planted into SailorMoon’s head by WiseMan, in an attempt to corrupt her. So in Crystal, grown-up corrupted ChibiUsa kisses her father’s past self, and no one reacts to that. All the squicks there…

  8. As a guy it was very hard for me to admit I liked this anime. I remember when my brothers would walk in on me and I would tell them, “I’m waiting for Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing to come on.” lol

  9. CheeseoftheApocalypse

    Just wanted to tell you… the media would also refer to the manga. Media can be print, video, pictures… Basically everything Sailor Moon related with story or information is media. So may as well just have skipped saying that and just said specifically what you were covering.

  10. My secret favorite will always be Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. I love it a ridiculous amount.

  11. Cool, we’re currently tackling Kamen Rider Gaim on my podcast, but we’re planning on coin Pretty Guardian at some point for its mix of Sentai and Tokusatsu flavor, look forward to possible comparing thoughts when you hit the live action.

  12. One minor complain: Sentai isn’t a genre. It is a Toho series originally considered as separate from Super Sentai, but after some time they remove that distinction. This Tokusatsu subgenre to which Sentai belong is called Henshin Heroes.

    • Eh theres distinctions in the different shows, like Gaven being labeled a Metal Heroes show and whatnot. Typically I just call any brightly colored team of five or more unified themed heroes a Sentai show, and throw the Toku blanket over everything from Kamen Rider to Kikaida. Seems the way most fans in the west label them.

  13. Umm… Manga is a medium, too…

  14. Subscribed!

    I guy and am not afraid to admit Sailormoon was my gateway anime. I was a kid of the 80’s so I watched Robotech(Macross) and Voltron(GoLion), but Sailormoon was my gateway. I was in HS at the time.

    I have the ADV and Pioneer DVDs, a S wall scroll, tons of cards, a small Ami figure and even 2 Japanese LDs I use as wall art.

    My favorites are Ami and Makoto.

    The web series I’m working on has more than few Sailormoon inspired themes.

    • Heck, I remember going down to the library (before we got internet) and downloading TONS of pictures onto floppy’s even a few fan made games (that only work Win 3 or 9x)

      My first website was Sailormoon site on Geocities, my first domain name and major site was a Sailormoon site. I still have my list of Sailormoon fan sites, I used to check on during free time at at school on TXT file, I’ll be none of them are still around.

      Granted, I have moved on these days my favorite series are LoGH, Maison Ikkoku, and Patlabor.

      However, Sailormoon will always have special place in my anime heart.

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