Calluna: Top 10 Most Ridiculous Designs in G Gundam

Join Calluna as she counts down the silliest looking Gundam designs from G Gundam! Oh, 90’s anime…

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  1. Moviemantweeter1999

    Impressive list the horse being built into the robot just creeps me out(that poor thing must be an outcast in its family). I love how the sailor moon type robot has robo tittle bities know I’ll have to add that to the list of things that shouldn’t have tits. However number 10 kind of looks like Optimus prime a bit what did they rip off sailor moon too(oh wait yeah they did). But the thing you said when the kids mom was kidnapped and killed by clowns only infers to me that clowns aren’t who they seem to be. What they have red noses and big makeup but I secretly think clowns have been killing children anybody else in the comment section think there evil too cause I bet I’m not the only one who thinks this?

    • Am I remembering correctly or was there more than one horse? I seem to recall one of the European Gundams, either the British or French one maybe doing a ‘Saber Rider” kind of thing on a horse. I can’t remember if its the same horse though.

      Also the Zeus themed Gundam had a chariot that had the front half of a horse with the back half being wheeled, like one of those little carts they use for paralyzed dogs. I don’t want to imagine what sort of horsey horrors are going on inside that thing. I mean do they only shrink wrap the front half? Do they use a paralyed horse? Is it a guy in just the front half of a 2 man horse costume?

  2. Mankind still cannot fathom the absolute greatness that is G Gundam and it’s AMAZING designs.

    Suck it, Wing Zero!

    • VulpesHilarianus

      There was a Gundam that wore a freakin’ SOMBRERO! And another that hid for eight full months disguised as a freakin’ windmill! Not to mention Burning Gundam had possibly the most complex weapons system devised for a Gundam up to that point.

  3. Surprised the Devil Gundam wasn’t on here…that thing is just impracticality incarnate.
    Also there WAS another female pilot in the series, but she didn’t get much action and is notable for piloting Domon’s leftovers.

  4. Yes it’s a horse, but it was soon freaking cool to see!

    though my favorite would have to be Rising Gundam, sadly it only made brief cameo appearances but Rain was its pilot! just once I want to see a Gundam show where the girl is the main lead!!!

  5. Three Degrees of Bacon

    Loved this episode. The Old Spice gag was great. I kinda liked the Matador Gundam though. But I have a high silly tolerance when it comes to mecha. Case in point: DragonMech. “Yeah, Gandalf! Pilot that wood golem mech and shoot fireballs! Yeah!”

  6. Conan the commenter

    Ah, yes g-gundam so stupid yet so awsome, although one thing I don’t understand about the dub is for some reason they changed some of the names for the gundams that had religousy names eg. Devil decame dark, flying heavens sword became raven and the title g-gundam or god gundam became burning gundam

  7. Trixie_is_best

    Granted they were used by the Dark Gundam, I was thinking either the Walter Gundam or Grand Gundam. Since both of them are ridiculous with Grand being just impossibly massive even by mobile armor standards, and Walter by its being a literal Gundam Ball.

    G Gundam itself I find is a good series and have used many parts from their models in Gundam Breaker 2, and I do like Noble Gundams fighting style in the game. I do agree with your point to that Noble should have been with Neo Japan since it is literally a Sailor Scout. Although if you want another Gundam series that was off the wall designs, there is Turn A and G no Reconguesta.

  8. Bloodsehd113094

    I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this video. Then I saw #9. Oh yes, this will be glorious!

    To be fair to the windmill Gundam, Dr. Willy did take a everything and the kitchen sink approach to making mecha. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a kitchen sink boss in a Mega Man somewhere.

    When I think of giant Robot Unicorns, I jump to RUA, but then to Bayonetta 2. You ride a giant mechanical demon unicorn through Hell. It’s fucking awesome.

    • There’s Pump Man in Mega Man 10 who sort of looks like a sink.

      Coincidentally, there is also a Gundam Unicorn but it transforms from a GM-like mobile suit with a horn on it’s head to a awesome Gundam.

  9. Bloodsehd113094

    Is anyone else annoyed by the fact that they didn’t change the faces that much outside of adding silly hats? I never watched Gundam, but did all the mechs have near identical faces in the other shows.

    • No, they just got lazy specifically for the face designs of G Gundam. In the other shows Gundams rarely had the same face unless they were grunt mechs or upgraded versions of the pilot’s previous Gundam.

  10. Oh man, I really have to rewatch this show, I only really got to see a handful of episodes back in the late 90s.

  11. I heard that the Nobel Gundam was originally supposed to be the main Gundam, but was changed since Bandai only wants male pilots as protagonists. Also, the theme for the Nobel Gundam is a sailor scout, but at the time, Sweden was having a huge problem with human trafficking, which is why the Nobel Gundam is feminine……………. Yeah =_= Also, it’s named after Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel, the man who invented dynamite and the namesake of the Nobel Prize.

    • More because of blond hair, from what Scandinavia is well known.. but still it is pore design, especially because they are Vikings, no one notice that in Japan?

  12. Why the heck is the windmill on the front??? Jeez, this isn’t that hard, just have the windmill part be the back of the mech and just let the head turn around and this thing would instantly be a million times better! Heck, they could have even had it doing helicopter or Painwheel crap! Such an easy fix to such a crappy design….

    Also, why couldn’t they just say “Japan has two entries” and make the Nobel Gundam their other entry? That would have made so much more sense in so many ways!

  13. Oh G Gundam… the Gundam series so over the top that half of the main character’s dialogue is screaming. And yet I still love this series and some of the designs are awesome (such as the Gundam Spiegel, which is a robotic German Ninja) but others… well. One I always thought was stupid was the Walter Gundam, which was Allenby Beardsley’s second Gundam after the Nobel Gundam (she just couldn’t’ get a break with getting the crappy designs could she) because it is just a ball with arms. Well it does have legs sometimes… tiny stick legs that look so stupid attached to this thing and just add to a pretty clunky design.

  14. Where’d you get that hat it’s nice

  15. Culturally insensitive and otherwise downright stupid Gundam designs aside, i enjoyed G-Gundam on the merits that it tried to be Dragonball Z…. with Robots!

    A valiant concept indeed. This is actually the only other Gundam series besides Wing Gundam that i could get into.

  16. Yeah, that series was all about loud-ass ethnic stereotypes. The Neo-Denmark Gundam needed more LEGOs in its design. *BLOCKY FINGERS!!!* Neo-Sweden should have had the Abba-Gundam, with unassembled Ikia-made weaponry. And the Tequila Gundam should have had a Lucha Libre mask motif. You know: In for a penny; in for a pound. =P

    To me, the core of the series was Street Fighter II with giant Gundam-styled robots, which sound awesome on paper, but in practice…

    Beyond the crude ethnic stereotypes, the series suffered from bland characters, bad plots, no real motivation or pathos, and mind-numbingly dull action. The original Mobil Suit Gundam had some glaring issues, but at least it was still enjoyable to watch. G-Gundam, not so much…

  17. The red, white, and blue cowboy surfer boxer football player Gundam was too subtle about representing ‘Murrica?

  18. I really like this series, mostly for its awesome factor and silliness. It did manage to make me mad with Magnat Gundam. Ok, so you go out of your way to include Neo-Poland in your universe, great! So what Gundam should they have? Bluish-grey colour? Named after an aristocracy class (oldest and most powerful/rich families were called magnats) and yet it supposedly was technologically inferior and had only vulcan cannons and beam cannons which are pretty much the basic set for everyone else? Oh and it lost to the french dude to show off how traumatized he was because of his fight with Devil Gundam. In other words a one-off character created to be wasted in its first appearance. I don’t even mind it losing since it did made it into the finals, but seriously, the only connection this thing has to its nation is the name of the pilot – Chelsie Walesa, and maybe the shoulderpads that might look like feathers (after the eagle in our coat of arms). In other words some dude just googled random words associated with Poland and then designed a Gundam around it. I’d take a stereotype instead of this lazy crap anyday…

    • G-Gundam is so old, google and even Yahoo weren’t even around when it was being made. They actually went to a library to painstakingly research their lazy stereotypes. Laziness today has it so easy.

  19. Most of these come off as a bit racist, but I think you have to step outside your own head for a minute and think about the fact that the show’s creators essentially admitted that if Japan had to build a giant robot fighter it would just look like a regular gundam. The whole nation’s cultural identity is best summed up by gundam. That’s not racist, just really arrogant. I liked that Japan had a culturally appropriate gundam lying around for Raine to pilot at the end.

  20. Calluna……you lost me. At number 10…….you lost me…..


    Your logic made no sense to me. Gundam Maxter is ridiculous…..because it’s not ridiculous enough……..what? The rest of the video was ok….but my mind was constantly on that.

    If your going to rate something based on a trait, try at least make how you judge these things consistent. It’s a problem with judging that I have in general, but I won’t get into that.

  21. the Matador Gundam actually looks a LOT like a Gunman from Gurren Lagaan, what with it’s entire torso being a giant face and all…you know what? The Windmill Gundam is dumber than the Tequila Gundam, I mean, come on, at least the Tequila Gundam doesn’t have giant FAN BLADES blocking its arms from moving!

    I think Neo-Germany’s gundam was somewhat unfitting for the country it came from. After all, it was basically a ninja, piloted by a masked man, primary weapon being tonfa blades, there was nothing particularly German looking about it. Then again what WOULD be stereotypically German? Make it look like a WW2 era German soldier? I think that would just kind of make it look like a Zaku, maybe they’d put a spike on its helmet…then again Germany would be trying to NOT evoke that kind of imagery so forget that…

  22. PS Oh yeah, how can the Viking Gundam not make the list!? I mean, it was a giant robot riding around in a wooden BOAT! With like, oars and everything!

  23. A horse piloting a robot horse? I call that inception. In the first season of Gundam 00, one of the main Gundams (the Virtue) has another Gundam inside of it (the Nadleeh). So, that’s inception too.

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