Camp Needs More Gay – Rantasmo

Rantasmo explores the concept of camp and its elusive connection to gay men.

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Needs More Gay dissects the highs and lows of gay pop culture with the precision of a dull machete.


  1. OMG., I love campy-stuff ., next to surreal., dark., and satirical as well.,,.

  2. See, camp stuff makes me deeply uncomfortable and is a major factor in why I am not openly bisexual. Not only do I not at all personally identify with flamboyant characters, they fill me with embarrassment.

  3. TooMuchFreeTime

    Thank you, I never had much of a handle on what ‘camp’ meant.

    Btw I know I’m being picky, and maybe it’s just the lighting, but that penguin (not the blue one) looks like it needs a wash. Lol sorry the shot composition kept drawing my eyes to it.

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