Can An Ending Ruin a Film?

Why can a bad few minutes destroy a good couple of hours?

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  1. Take it from a video game like Mass Effect 3, even if the entire journey was an amazing blast, the ending can leave you either with a bitter taste of disappointment or utter denial.

  2. i can’t watch this vid. when i click on it it doesn’t work

  3. Personally, I find that the movies that are “ruined” by the ending is because it doesn’t fit in with whatever the movie made as its thesis. If a movie about Rocky Marciano and his struggle finished with the line “Oh but Muhammad Ali is better” we’d have a line that would not only break immersion, but it wouldn’t add anything to the logical part of the argument, and it would also say that whatever you just watched was pointless since there was someone better.

  4. Why do I feel like next weeks review is going to be a lot like his Force Awakens review where he’s doing it to be relevant/feels an obligation to review it but doesn’t really say anything about the movie or give a reason why it warrants a review? Ah whatever, I’m probably going to watch it anyway.

  5. I’ve been saying the same thing about twist endings for a while now. Sometimes the best ending is exactly what you expect; but we’ve gotten the twists so often that we feel cheated when there isn’t a twist. I’m pretty sure I’ve made the comparison to wrestling on this exact subject before with another video. My dad gets upset when a match doesn’t surprise him. When a story is wrapped up in the most sensible way, the only way to do an ending right is to do the ending that makes the most sense. Anything else takes away from what happens to get you to this point in the first place.

  6. Is giving Doug ad revenue? Doesn’t seem to be an option to monetize videos there right now.

  7. Finally he’s of Vimeo this is the first time in ages I’ve been able to watch one of these on my laptop also whats wrong with Now You See Me I fought the ending was the best part.

  8. Finally when the TMNT2 trailers started quoting trailers I thought what the fuck whose saying these things

  9. You shush Iron Man 3 was awesome.

  10. To respond to the main argument, I think wether or not a “stupid” ending works has less to do with “spirit” than it does character. Say what you will about the final act of Iron Man 3, Tony’s character arc of getting over his trauma and not using the suit as an emotional crutch is resolved in that act.

    Ditto Superman; spinning the Earth backwards is a silly plot point but what it represents (Clark asserting his own morality over Jor El) is IMPORTANT.

    Debate effectiveness all you want, but an ending can only ruin what came before if it runs contrary to the film’ she own ideals, just like the Thank You For Smoking example. A twist is fine but if it undercuts your characterization and theming it’s just shite storytelling.

  11. It’s all about the severity of how bad the ending is. Like I don’t see the endings of Iron Man 1 or 3 as that bad. The weaker parts of the movies for sure but not deal breakers. But with films like A.I. or I am Legend the ending is so goddam awful it ruins the film.

    Your comments on the twist causing issues is of particular note because I can think of a few films that are almost destroyed by a dumb or random ass twist. Personally I love the movie Sunshine by Danny Boyle. But the twist that Pinbacker is alive and murdering the crew nearly wrecked the whole thing. But in this case the ending with Capa sacrificing himself to save Earth was done in such a way that it saved a sinking ship.

    Also yay! The Nerd /and/ Andre!

  12. Did they FINALLY Kill the Vessel BS? Did the pointless one week in advance offer ruin it for everyone and just not me?
    I doubt it but if so then it’s one less thing to sit through.

  13. I thought the film ‘It’s A Disaster’ had one of the best endings I’ve ever seen. That reminds me, video game critic Yahtzee Croshaw also repeatedly emphasizes how important it is to end on a strong note.

  14. This is pretty much how I feel. For me the ending is like the culmination of the film. This is what the film was leading to this is what everything that happened was for.

    If it sucks then to me everything else starts to lose meaning. Like with A.I. it all just felt like “WTF did I just sit through?” a lot of the movie was weird and a lot didn’t make sense but it wouldn’t have been all bad if it had lead to something good.

  15. YES! An ending CAN Destroy a movie and I couldn’t put words to it than the words you said here that the film of which you put trust in goes and completely lets you down. This was the case for me with Hotel Transylvania the film promised me a look at racism or so I thought.

  16. To me, A.I. was about an artificial intelligence wanting to become a boy but being bullied and living through so much prejudice and suffering that once the ending came up, it made me tear up because FINALLY, the character could have a sigh relief and feel like a real boy, accepted, loved, etc.

  17. Honore de Ballsack

    I didn’t hate the ending of Ninth Gate, i was just really confused by it.

  18. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great video as always, this is the reason I have so much respect for you.

  19. The Critic, the Nerd, and the Black Nerd!!! 😀
    This next episode’s gonna be awesome!

  20. Haven’t seen this video. The only reason I’m commenting here is to declare how I’m officially DONE with Nostalgia Critic and Channel Awesome. Me personally, I feel nothing he does is funny or original anymore and that really, he should have stopped once he decided doing clipless videos would be acceptable. The fact that he can’t respond to the comments and criticisms personally like a normal and not at all conceded human being shows how much he doesn’t care about what he thinks of his viewers anymore. Like so many before him, he’s headed towards the spiraling self-destruction that all great creators/creations before him have experience. Or, to quote Vision from Age of Ultron

    “Something isn’t beautiful because it lasts.”

    Don’t bother replying because I’m logging off and never logging back on after this comment. Congrats, Doug, until now, you’re no different than some of the asshole people you criticize for making shitty content. Pretty funny how life is like that. But I can’t say that your work hasn’t had an affect on me.


  21. I wonder, can the same apply to video games? They’re much longer than movies, so clearly there should be some difference, right?

  22. what was the movie with the old guy riding the john deer?

  23. Just watched “Nothing but the truth” and… yes, an ending can ruin a movie…

  24. -I don’t care about one scene i care about the whole movie if its good or not and i don’t make a big deal about one scene i will talk about it but won’t make it ruin the experience with the movie for me
    -Hey is that picture from Deviantart i kn ow who made it not personally but i know?
    -Superman is a terrible movie
    -I never had any problem with Ewoks the Star Wars six movies are all epic
    -This movie was not horrible but it had a lot of bad things
    -Your just jealous that he is more popular then you

  25. >Can An Ending Ruin a Film?
    -Yes. Yes, it can. One should never under-estimate the corrupting effect of an ending that essentially ”piss” on everything it had been building until that point.

  26. The ending to Gone Girl ruined that whole movie for me. And I loved it up until that point. I felt literally nauseous when it ended.

  27. See, you had me until you claimed that Days of Future Past was anything other than Brian Singer pissing all over the franchise, and saying no one else was allowed to have it.

  28. thatchickwithlonghair

    People didn’t like Return of the King’s ending? Or just that it could have ended like at five different scenes? XD

    I probably would have preferred it to end as soon as everyone bows to the hobbits because it’s such a strong moment. But that wouldn’t have wrapped things up enough…..I guess?

    One ending I didn’t like was the ending to The Birds. But I understand why they chose to end it that way and it’s still a good film. Oh yeah, Gone with the Wind’s ending is terrible and stupid but…..I didn’t like the movie that much anyway; Scarlet was insufferable. lol

  29. dear god… Source Code though……

  30. One example of a ending that ruined an otherwise good anime for me in 6 words: Mobile Suit Gundam – Iron-Blooded Orphans!

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