Can Frieza Be Redeemed – A Dragonball Discussion

Frieza surprised us all in Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 in unusual ways. Have his actions shown that he might slowly be changing into a not-so evil guy? A frenemy perhaps? Could Goku and Vegeta look past his historic actions? Let’s discuss what role he could play in Super going forward! Could he one day be forgiven? Let’s review the fact in today’s discussion!

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  1. You know how Universe 7 only has 28 inhabited planets on it? That’s probably due to the intervention of Majin-Buu, but the idea is that poor ol’ 7 is nearly empty as far as universes go…so if it is the winner of the tournament, maybe the wish can be for all of the inhabited worlds of the other universes to be restored within Universe 7 itself, since they have plenty of space, with the kais and gods of destruction revived to help manage their native worlds (since Beerus and Shin are unlikely to be up to the task of looking over all of that on their own.)

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