Can of Worms – Disneycember

My God. What is this? WHAT IS THIS? Did Doug just watch a Disney Channel Movie, or…WHAT IS THIS? See all the weirdness Doug has to describe.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this one either. You’re really digging into obscurity! O.O

    • It was released the same year as Zenon, during the second year of dcom movies. I remember it, although the last 20 minutes rather then the whole movie. I really wish Disney would show more of their oldies, although some won’t make as much sense.

  2. lilith_ascennding

    Is that Midi from Parasyte in the thumbnail?

  3. Dude. It’s a perfectly good kids movie. It’s wacky and strange and absurd. If you don’t want to be near people who like that stuff, then you basically hate anyone who isn’t 100% normal.

    • TheSuicidalTeddybear

      Adventure Time is wacky, strange, absurd and still contains very good things for kids (and adults). Can Of Worms is badly written, badly paced, badly acted and has barely any through-line at all. That’s the difference

  4. The Second Opinion

    I actually have fonder memories of Can of Worms than a lot of DCOM to come, but it might have helped that it felt right in line in the late 90s, with Goosebumps at its peak and everyone still passing Bruce Coville books around. It kicked off Disney’s 3-ish year project of airing one every month, and while that sounds (and kinda was) cheap, it felt like the latest thing to collect, like “come get the latest round of exotic ‘what-if’ adventures that could TOTALLY happen to kids like you.” And I much preferred that to the aggressive teenybopper glitz and glam that would come to dominate Disney a few years later.

    Granted, I still remember feeling a little shortchanged. Its advertisements did promise a lot from the aliens, for what turned out to be made-for-TV quality through and through. But it at least felt like it was genuinely into its own off-the-wall sci-fi strangeness, and a couple of the “weird” bits actually worked okay for me, like the alien from Mike’s story being real and Mike knowing how to use some of the gadgets after meeting said alien. (The former came across like an implied “being weird doesn’t make you an alien, but that doesn’t mean you’re not special,” and there’s a non-verbal exchange with the alien just before he figures out the latter, which I’m pretty sure was meant to imply it doing some kind of alien telepathic thing to show him how.) And I can’t say it wasn’t memorable, if I can still call all of this back 18 years later.

    • The Second Opinion

      Of course I only now realize that the sheer length of that makes it look like I’m trying to give this full scale defense. I’ll remember to rein it in the next time I’m reminiscing about watching a cheesy movie…

  5. I remember this one. Well, I never saw it. I remember it when it came out. This makes sense. I mean, this review makes sense. Not the actual movie.

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