Can you juice cheese? – MikeJ

It’s about time somebody answered the age old question: can you juice cheese using a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer?

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  1. Whyyyy?!? Y U do that? Of course you can’t juice cheese! It’s already juiced!

    • Some people kept insisting he should try juice solids, like cheese. I guess this was his reply to that.

    • There’s a running gag about using many of the (non-cheese grater) things he reviews on Infomercials as a cheese grater; many of them work better than the cheese graters he’s reviewed. This is just an extension of that.

  2. What? You didn’t try to juice concrete, too? And juice a steak! That would be loads of fun! Jebus, what a git….

  3. Well, it had to be done. Thank you for answering that age old question, Mike. XD

  4. Maybe you can… I know this British Person who is trying to juice blood from a stone with his internet videos.

  5. I think the Power Juicer is the new mascott of his channel. The Pollo of commercials and food experiments.

  6. At least you could have boiled some macaroni and added the cheese to it. Waste not want not.

  7. Somehow Mike, I don’t get the feeling you were all that broken up over the death of the Power Juicer.
    Let us hope it didn’t see Mad Max Fury Road.
    It lives, it dies doesn’t live again.

    • I’d actually like to see if that thing still has life in it. It sounded like it was still running when it was turned off. It’s probably at least seriously damaged, mind you, and it didn’t sound particularly good, but it was still running. And no, I didn’t believe for a second that something that doesn’t have juice in it could possibly be juiced.

  8. You could probably get some juice out of hot dogs.

  9. Ugh, just the concept of this is gross!

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