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Chris Stuckmann gives some quick thoughts on the Captain America: Civil War Trailer.

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  1. I like that it is direct continuation of Winter Soldier and that after SHIELD fall apart it basically make reasonable explanation why they will fight, as different SHIELD parts are not sure on which side everyone is (like similar plot in SHIELD TV series). It is far more better excuse then slightly lazy plot from comic when whole reason was registration aspect of superheroes, though I guess they also bring that up.. just not as main plot.

  2. Looks Awesome! Definitely more interesting than the Batman v Superman trailer.

  3. Quality seems fine to me. I have seen worse videos, some very blurry. Thoughts on actual trailer, I do love it. They are not trying to “out do” last film or adventures, but just make a good film, which is great to see. I hate it when films, special ones in a series, try to over hype and “out do” each other. I kept re-winding the black panther scene, I did in fact squee.

  4. The fight with Iron Man where they’re passing the shield back and forth was pretty badass. The whole, “So was I.” seemed a bit forced. It’s not like movie Cap and Tony have been all that close, while Bucky’s a guy he grew up with, always had his back when he couldn’t defend himself, and fought by his side through years of war. Take into account the trailer indicates the plan is to murder Bucky, not just take him in, there’s little else Cap could do.

    It definitely seems like a far more personal and logical reason than the comic had where, for example, SHIELD attacked Cap for simply saying that if the law was enacted, he wouldn’t enforce it. It also never explained what exactly qualified as superhuman. It seemed like Cap and Hawkeye were subject to it, despite not having any powers. Was it fighting a crime with a mask? I always wondered if some guy would get arrested if he stopped a mugging on the way to a Halloween party.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    In the video I thought it was Gonna be like your paranormal activity the ghost dimension review but the video was fine. Definitely would want to see this in theaters just not rush to it like I do other marvel films(maybe my anticipation will build up to the release which it probably will. I also like black widows long hair better since she looks more pretty with it.

  6. I thought that the trailer was great. I wish that there was a clear Black Panther shot. I think that the ending of the movie will probably be melancholy… or at least that’s what I want.

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