Cards Against Humanity: 8 Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah Night 5 – Calluna

Amazingly, we didn’t go right back to socks! Can we keep it going?

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  1. First! Ahhh, he’ll save everyone of us!

    At the very beginning of this video, you looked terrified. Very strange.

    Ahhh, no socks 🙁 And what has become of your co-star?

    I was obsessed with not books when I was tiny though never had one with grid lines.
    The letter reminded me of my Dad; he’s all for knowledge for the sake of knowledge. It’s nice but I don’t think we can learn ANYTHING from TV.

    By the way, MidnightScreeningman2014, I watched 2 Some Jerk with a Camera videos after this one, giving you time to be first. Now sing! What secret dost thou speak of!

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