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I conclude Roger Corman’s dinosaur trilogy with “Carnosaur 3: Primal Species” (1996), a movie so connected to the series it originally didn’t even have the Carnosaur name on it!

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  1. Back when I was in high school in the 1970s, part of driver’s ed involved watching films of actual car accidents. They were pretty gruesome. It was kind of a “scared straight” approach to safe driving.

  2. I know I nitpicking but Dinosaurs especially Theropods didn’t extinct. Though I still would be surprised if I would find out featherless Deinonych in some cargo hold. At least in Jurassic Park they were mutants.

    • Wait.. how the f*k T-Rex was capable to breed by herself? If so way more probable is for Raptors to breed because at least some birds are transgender so it is possible for one male to turn in female (what is also plotpoint in Jurassic Park “frogizized” so people would not ask dumb questions).

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