Caroline: Aminé – Rap Critic

Rap Critic figures out what he thinks about “Caroline” by Amine, and his unexpected extra verse on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

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  1. My observation: nobody – and I mean NOBODY – wants their entertainers to engage in political discourse of any kind! UNLESS that entertainer happens to be saying things they like. Then, not only is it cool, but that entertainer gets mad props for speaking the truth. Screw the haters!

    • Huh…must be a generational thing.

      • Not really. When CLint Eastwood brown-noses Trump, the conservatives are all over it, whereas the liberals are all, “Who does he think he is spewing his political opinions?” But when it’s someone like Streep dissing Trump, then it’s the liberals who are all over it, while the conservatives are all, “Who does she think she is, washed-up has-been?” Neither side seems to recognize that they’re giving credence to celebrity status, but only as long as the celebrity in question agrees with their own ideas; any that don’t are dismissed as talentless hacks who should keep their Hollywood mouths shut.

        • Plus, just savor the irony of Trump supporters saying that celebrities should just stick to entertaining and stay the hell out of politics. Um…the guy you elected President used to have a reality TV show. Also, Ronald Reagan says hi. Hypocrite much?

          • But you know who the whole mixing politics and entertainment didn’t work out for? Abraham Lincoln.

    • I like to debate politics and hear well thought out arguments for the opposing side of my political views. Even in entertainment. Though frustrating it helps to understand what people are thinking before presenting your side of the argument.

    • Not my observation. People generally don’t care if an entertainer is political. However, if it’s someone they like, they don’t want them to say anything that is on the extreme other side.

      Because, when you get to the extremes, politics is about morality, and it sucks finding out someone you like is a bad person. Knowing that colors your ability to enjoy their work.

      In short, most people don’t say “Don’t talk about politics.” They say “If you talk about it and I think your politics are morally wrong, then you may lose me as a fan.”

      The ones that do say it tend to be rabid political fans, and are just using whatever they can come up with to paint the other side as bad.

      Hence people who never liked Meryl Streep telling her she shouldn’t be getting political. Nope, she should, as long as she’s willing to lose fans who think she’s a bad person for believing what she believes.

  2. I’ve never heard of Amine’… and now I know why. Totally not my thing. Although, I’m not sure that this was the song to add political lyrics to but whatever.

  3. I have no clue what keef keef means. So I assumed the line was about how beets make him gassy and that’s why somebody would run from him.

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