Cars 3 – Tamara Just Saw

Tamara and Cody check out Pixar’s newest animated movie, Cars 3. Is this it for Lightning McQueen?

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2 Comments on "Cars 3 – Tamara Just Saw"

TOM 5.0

I’m surprised. If it actually managed to be around the first’s level of quality perhaps I shouldn’t avoid it like the black plague that was Cars 2.

As for your next review I can only facepalm at choices like this making Michael Bay right. He doesn’t have to change a damn thing, because anyone and everyone will see ExplosionGasms V and however many damn pyrotechnic filled sequels he’ll churn out.


I grew up with the first Cars as a child. I skipped Cars 2 (Thank God). I wanted to see this movie this past weekend but to no avail.