Castlevania – A Monstrous October

The Infinite Hordes Week begins as Shaun explores the castle of Dracula to see what monsters he can find. A Monstrous October looks at Castlevania.

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  1. I just wanted to point out, the Ctulhu monster in Symphony of the Night looked “off” because its name was accidentally switched with another monster, Malachi, which actually DID look sort of like Cthulhu. Doesn’t explain the other games, though.

  2. Yes yes YES! The Granfaloon is my favorite monster in SotN! The music, the screams of the falling bodies… Overall I’m not much into horror but my first time meeting this thing was delightfully creepy. I actually don’t find him that hard though.

    Now Beezlebub on the other hand…UG. Those flies and maggots are SUCH a pain in the ass that I won’t fight him until I have the poison mist power. Then it’s just EZ mode.

  3. I once mad a plush Legion for a friend. I made a burgundy velour beach ball and appliqued the core and tentacles on it in pink satin. After that I spent three days sewing 365 little little bodies for the zombies out of flesh colored felt. It got so I could sew them just by counting the stitches! it took a bag and a half of stuffing. I stuck office Velcro to the back of each zombie. You know, the type with the glue on the back? You use it in a cubicle to stick papers to walls. It took seven packages, I think.
    I even included a loop so he could cart it around. I gave it to him and his eyes lite up like a lighthouse. He then turned and hit his best friend in the face with it.
    Little zombies went flying.
    It was amazing.
    He pulled some stuffing out and sewed it shut so he could sleep on it like a pillow. He made faces on some of the zombies. We’d pick him up for D&D and he’d have a zombie Velcroed to his hair. He didn’t even notice!
    As a doll maker that Legion was my finest work. I’ve made prettier things with more skill, but Oggie and that Legion… I can NEVER top that.

  4. Huh. Guess I found the one other person that had some isues with MGS V.

  5. As much as I enjoy the older castlevanias, I thought LoS was a phenomenal game. In fact it’s probably my fav game of the previous console generation. I agree the sequel was a bit disappointing though.

    In any case, the first LoS has one of my fav monsters of the whole series in the form of the Dracolich, that massive undead dragon you fight at the end.

  6. I See someone needs reading lessons. Its called BEELZEBUB. Why the hell do you keep reading it as Beezlebub?? Especialy when you spelled it right in the vid

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