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Ryan reviews Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (Akumajo Dracula X: Chii no Rondo) for the PC Engine, PSP, and Wii Virtual Console. Is this truly the holy grail of the Castlevania series? Or is it a bit overrated?

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  1. Yeah, I never got to play Rondo of Blood until it released on the VC, but I was aware of its existence, having seen screenshots online, etc. It kind of reached a legendary status in my mind. Finally having played it, I’d say it’s lived up to my expectations for the most part. The one thing holding it back is indeed the lack of the eight way whipping. That being said, the presentation in this game is phenomenal, the music, the graphics, all top notch. And while I suppose it is easier than certain other Castlevania games, some of those boss fights are just brutal. Shaft for instance, and the grim reaper is just insane in this game. I’ve beaten him several times at this point, but every time I do it feels like a fluke.

  2. This was also when the series started making its anime and manga refs with Bastard!! and JoJo. Wonder how many kids who grew up with Jump were all, “Hey, my comics in there now!”

  3. It’s a bit overrated. The SNES Dracula X has better level design and feel. Rondo isn’t bad, though.

    • I still prefer the turbografx version, but to each is own. Dracula is absolutely infuriating in the snes version. His stage is littered with instant death pits.

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