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Netflix’s new original series has the opportunity to expand on the lore of the classic video games in unprecedented ways. How well does it treat our beloved vampires? Some spoilers.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    Who was it that called this in the comments on the last review? (No, it wasn’t me; I genuinely forgot).

    We have to wait an entire year for the rest of the story? Doesn’t Netflix understand their own purpose? NETFLIX IS FOR BINGE-WATCHING! How dare they release something that you can’t… well… binge?

    The potential of humanity? But humanity is nothing but a miserable pile of secrets!

  2. the man has balls of steeeeeeeeeeell 😛

    • Endurance isn’t everything techniques and atmosphere are 3/4ths the battle. Plus he’s a momma’ boy he probably doesn’t get much practice.

  3. My understanding is “Tepes” is the nickname, apparently it means “The Impaler”. Adrien’s surname should be a variation of Dracul

    • Pretty sure Tepes is the surname and it’s Dracul that’s the nickname.

      Just did a bit of research, turns out you were right. My bad.

    • “Dracul” was also a nickname; it means “Dragon”, and refers to the title given to Vlad II (his father) when he was inducted into the Order of the Dragon. “Dracula” means “Son of the Dragon”. Then again, a great many surnames are references to parentage.

  4. Screw you, Grant is awesome. And if he’s not in season 2 I’m gonna be pissed.

  5. The good-looking rebel who plays by his own rules as a hero; the evil corrupt church; the refrigerated woman; the evil but really misunderstood but really evil vampire bad guy… This sounds like a pile of cliché.

  6. Surprisingly deep analysis of a short series adapted from an 8-bit video game. Well done. The part about Lisa being the vampire’s enemy, but not the overall character’s enemy was interesting.

    Also: middle ages Church superstitions and corrupt?
    You don’t say!

    PS: Grant is actually the best playable companion in Castlevania 3. The wall walking thing is super handy.

  7. Oh my god lady I get that you love Dracula but he’s the villain he doesn’t need to be sympathetic he just need to have motive be powerful and devilishly effective. The story is about the Belmonts vs Dracula so cover them both equally. Trevor and Sepha are just as awesome as Dracula and theirs more to this show than just episodes one.
    Sauron showed up in the beginning and disappeared until the third movie and was still awesome because of his overwhelming presence even before they got to mordor. I know we all make giant eye jokes but when we first heard of him we felt a chill down our spine.

    Also why you dissing my bro Grant? He’ll show up soon!

    • I think you’re missing her point.

      She wasn’t expecting Dracula to be sympathetic in any way like in the games, but was pleasantly surprised to see the villain be given depth. That’s my take.

      Sauron’s greatest character trait was that he was ancient mysterious evil. Since he lay dormant for an age, no one knew much about him. Even the Elves who fought against him knew very little…you just don’t get close to the incarnation of cruelty and enslavement. Mostly he is seen as an unblinking eye.

      • But what Depth? He loved a Saint like women became a better person before going into over the top withdrawal after her murder and goes genocidal. We already knew that. It’s the same story as the game only we see it.
        Plus she was complaining about Trevor being the reluctant hero Cliche but Dracula is the devil tamed by a pure maiden’s heart cliche. And that’s even older than the reluctant hero Cliche. Heck it’s the first cliche is you count epic of gilgamesh.

        Also you realize that Dracula did the same thing. The first thing people say is “He’s Real!” before thinking him some illusion because no one had seen him for almost four centuries.
        Also I’m not comparing him to Sauran I’m using Sauran as an example that a villain doesn’t even have to be present to be intimidating.
        For instance the Heroes will be surrounded for the next two movies by Dracula’s castle which has both magic and technology beyond their imagination not to mention creature of the darkest night.
        The Castle is to Dracula as The one Ring is to Sauran. Something that is constantly with them draining both mentally and physically why emanating the atmosphere of the antagonist.

  8. Also how is Trevor a cliche? Isn’t the whole devil tamed by a pure maiden’s heart also a cliche? Even more over used than reluctant badass? Heck it the first cliche if you consider Enkidu in the epic of Gilgamesh. Also don’t you only notice these game like details cause you know it’s a game? My sister barely noticed when she watched it because she didn’t know it was a video game movie.
    But seriously you shouldn’t let your personal preferences completely override your objectivity. Then again you shouldn’t discard personal taste either but it’s not a take one kind of deal.

  9. Yeah, the greatest video game adapation ever! Weird how you’d say some bad things. Well, I’m not familiar with the games. I just know the basics. I was weirded out by Simon Belmont’s innocence. Well, the 20th pokemon movie is getting a high rating too.

  10. 1691 isn’t exactly random – it’s one of few numbers that reads the same when you rotate it 180 degrees. What that has to do with vampires, I don’t know – two mirrors?

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